Where Will They Try Missouri vs. China? โ€‚by@QAbandit

Where Will They Try Missouri vs. China?

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ICYMI Missouri, the US state known for great BBQ, is suing China, the nation with 1.393 billion people.


Here's the official lawsuit. It's a real thing. Pretty dark read, if you're into that kind of thing.


CNN reports: "Legal experts have said the lawsuit faces an uphill battle because China is protected by sovereign immunity."

FOX reports: 'The suit makes numerous claims of wrongdoing by China and the other defendants related to the Chinese government it seeks to hold responsible, including an "emerging theory on the origin of the virus ... that it was released from the Wuhan Institute of Virology, which was studying the virus.""

NPR reports: "While Missouri might have a hard time moving forward with a lawsuit against China, Schmitt says there are workarounds. For instance, Schmitt says there's an exception for commercial activity and alleges that labs and hospitals are commercial ventures. He's also counting the Chinese Communist Party as a nonstate actor, which he says fortifies his legal argument. Brilmayer says that if the case does move forward or
if it works its way up the appeals process, the U.S. State Department would normally be expected to weigh in, perhaps with a letter to the judge explaining its position on the case."

So, where will they try this thing?