WhatsApp Business App — A Road Map for Powering Business Giants

The much talked “WhatsApp for business application” has put to roll out its standalone business app to help businesses communicate with its potential customers.

Although, the free WhatsApp on its part to help B2C and large-scale operation with global base customers. With its effortless usage and intuitive, local SMEs have adapted to WhatsApp without any prodding from the company.

Facebook acquired WhatsApp for $19 billion in February 2014 where more than 450 companies using “Facebook at Work”.Since the audience and outcomes from “WhatsApp for a business app” and “Facebook at Work” are different. Recently, a survey shows that Facebook Messenger has reached 1.3 billion global users and WhatsApp received 1.2 billion users where their roadmap for business perspective are different.

As far as the reference, the KLM Royal Dutch Airlines has a verified WhatsApp account. It provides flight notifications through a verified WhatsApp business account to its customers concerning on the flight booking confirmations, Check-ins, boarding pass and flight status notifications etc.,

WhatsApp mentioned on its official blog as,

“We want to apply what we’ve learned helping people connect with each other to helping people connect with businesses that are important to them”

From these words, Now while, the WhatsApp for business features may be initiated primarily for customer support and customer communication but the WhatsApp business communication platform has potential to be developed for internal business communication.

In the recent Interview, the word by Matt Idema, WhatsApp COO.

“At the Present, WhatsApp doesn’t charge its business consumers but in the future, it may introduce Subscription Charge”
  1. If this happens, what would be the charge applied by the WhatsApp business platform?
  2. Is there any alternative business chat solution like WhatsApp?

If yes, how an Enterprise chat app solution can help in protecting the Data Security and Data Privacy for bigger operating companies which incorporates large scale of global base customers (B2B services)?

Here comes the Contus Fly, a real-time chat app solution for enterprises augmented with vanquishing qualities that makes the best befitting of technology for B2B businesses.