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What’s your LinkedIn URL

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@gaurav-agrawalGaurav Agrawal

Do you remember ? When you create you profile on LinkedIn it creates a public Profile URL for you to share it with any one. Often these URL are long and difficult to remember.

So How about changing this URL, So you can remember it easily and share it whenever you want. YAY !!

Go to your LinkedIn Profile , and simply Open you Profile (On Top Menu Bar click on your pic , then click on View Profile ). On the Right side you can see “Edit your public profile” , click it . It will Open a new page where you can see your public profile . On the right side you should see an option named “Edit public profile URL” . Here you can see your public profile URL . Mine is now (I already changed it ).

You can click on the URL and Change you profile URL as you like and enjoy sharing it . Now you can give yourself a self High Five !!

If you enjoyed this article, please click that little green heart below. That would be incredible, and If you changed your profile URL comment below your Old and new public profile URLs.


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