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What’s Bitcoin Going to Do? by@awesome1

What’s Bitcoin Going to Do?


Taking Bets on the Bitcoin Market

A Roller-Coaster

Bitcoin recently lost about 50% of its value and it’s sent half the world into a tizzy. Some people think Bitcoin’s Going Down and they need to sell before it goes any lower and a whole lot of others are waiting on some super-keen deals if it does go down but want it to go up.

That sideways ranging around the same area is an accumulation zone and we’re in one now. We’re in a holding pattern, generally, we’re going sideways. We don’t know if we’ll break up or if we’ll break down.


Will it be a breakdown or a breakout?

It’s virtually a battle between the market forces, a battle between investors, a battle between the bulls and the bears. Which one will it's way forward?

We don’t know who will prevail but, we do know there are forces beyond the control or knowledge of humans at play and more often than not, unknown forces and quantities will rule the day.

Who’s in Control?

Life is whacky. We like to think we’re in control but, we aren’t. When we start to think we are, complacency sets in, and we’re suddenly whacked by something seemingly out of nowhere. But, of course, it’s not “out of nowhere”…. It’s just that, as humans, we have extreme difficulty seeing the bigger picture in our increasingly complex world. On the other hand, we like to believe we know everything about “reality” and have majority control of our destiny.


Who’s in Control, You or Bitcoin?

Just like the markets, we have accumulation stages in Life. When we’re in an accumulation stage in life, we feel like we’re not making progress, we’re not in control and can’t find our way forward. But, it’s all part of the natural process.

Just like in the markets, when we’re in an accumulation stage in life, we can be certain there’ll be a breakout just around the corner. We don’t know which way life will break but, that’s exciting because we know, we will have the opportunity to rise to the occasion.

Whether life breaks for us to the upside or against us to the downside, with the right attitude we will rise through all situations Life sends our way. In fact, rising to higher order is the way of the expanding universe, the natural order of things.

The Expanding Universe

We Live in an Expanding Universe. That’s one of the highest truths science has discovered. The universe is expanding in all directions, getting more complex, more harmonious, and more complete in its perfection.


Albert Einstein said, “The most important decision we make is whether we believe we live in a friendly or hostile universe.” Personally, I believe we live in an intelligent universe that is expanding.

Humans, being part of the universe, are also evolving, getting more complex and complete in perfection whether we’re conscious or cooperative with it or not. Ultimately, we are not in control but, we can align ourselves with the harmony of the larger picture.

The choices we make every second of every day, the choices to think and to act and to be, determine the quality of our harmony with the truth of the universe.

Life, at its most basic, is simply about thoughtful and continual attitude adjustment designed specifically to optimize and harmonize with the rise.


~ Awesome1