What To Do If Your Android Phone Is Locked Out After Resetting

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It is normal for Android users to factory reset their phone after a few months of regular use, just to speed up the performance of the device or because they need to delete all personal data. However, I noticed a number of users are getting locked out after resetting.
I see users posting on Android forums and asking for help on how to bypass it. So it is a detailed guide to unlock your phone and get answers to all your questions. Sometimes when you are locked out of your Android phone or tablet, it is asks for a Google account that was previously used with your device.
It is a security feature called, Factory Reset Protection that was introduced with Android Lollipop. I personally like FRP because it is used to protect your device from unauthorized access if it is lost or stolen.
The real question here is, how do you get access back to your phone?
Well, to be honest, it was easier before to get access back but it’s now getting tough because Google is releasing security patches on a monthly basis to fix the bypass loopholes that were working earlier.
The most common issue I see is people buying used phones that still have FRP option active and thus you cannot set up the phone as you would normally do.
Don’t worry, if you’re one of them as I have got some solutions!

Recover your Google account

If it was your personal phone and you’ve forgotten your email or password, Google still gives you the option to recover your Gmail account.
Google has a dedicated support page on how to recover your account. You can follow the guide as it is a pretty straight-forward process. Just make sure it is your personal account and you remember your Google account, date of birth or the phone number that was associated with Google account. Having access to any of the above will help you to recover your account within mins.
Alternatively, if you’ve bought a used phone I would highly recommend you contact the previous owner, from whom you bought the phone and he should be able to remove the Google account from your phone and later you can set up your personal Google account.

FRP Bypass - A simple hack you can use to unlock your phone

It is a hack you can use to get access to the phone. There are some third-party apps you can use to remove the account that was previously synced on the device.
To be honest, the process is not as simple as you may think, because Google is releasing security updates on a monthly basis to fix the loopholes but it is still worth a try.
The process is pretty simple, all you’ve to do is get access to the phone settings, run Google Chrome and download the bypass apps to add a new Google account to the phone.
There are multiple ways you can access phone settings based on the version of Android installed on your phone. I came across a detailed guide by PGB, they’ve given multiple FRP bypass methods with screenshots and step-by-step instructions.
So I highly recommend reading their guide.
Still, it is important to know what version of Android your phone is running. You can easily find it by rebooting your phone into Android recovery. Most commonly, Volume Up+Home+Power keys are used on most Android phones. For the latest Samsung phones, instead of the home key, the Bixby key is used.
As you can see in the above image, G960FXXU7CSJ1 is the Android version, simply searching it Google should give you the accurate version. It is running Android Pie 9.
That’s all for now folks. If you have any questions related to same, feel free to ask in comments.


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