Sami Nummi


What the Babes Did For Me

The year, 2011. I’ve got a BFA in my pocket, a design internship well under way. There were more hours in the day and a bit of money in my bank account. Exiting college was a busy schedule but then the next day, week, month, reality shoves you out an ill-prepared human into the workforce waiting for the next set of life instructions.

Work, coffee, beer routine set in. The 9 to 5 powered by pretentious coffee shops, trying to find new ways to get caffeine in your body. High energy days needed chilled, wind-it-down nights. Alcohol, dancing, money-to-spend time. Difficult to make solid, long-lasting friendships. Friendship wasn’t really something in my life anymore. The classroom was gone. The one that sits 30 people who are guaranteed to have at least one thing in common with you. Now, you’re in a noisy bar talking [about you have no idea because it’s so goddamn loud] with your coworker’s neighbor.

2014. Facebook skimming led me to an event. Creative women meeting in a backyard at the height of hot, moist Columbus, Ohio summer? Yes.

A new thing, Creative Babes collected a crapload of ladies from different careers, stages of life, and our opinions on paper. What can we do, what do we need, what are you passionate about? Seldom did I attend networking events, shake hands and make small talk without nervously cursing for filler, so why would this have gone any better?

More meetings, more events. Women laughed at my jokes, watched Netflix like me, shared purple-stained teeth after a single sip of merlot, loved Bowie. Self-confidence blew up. Not only could I enjoy being around women, I could probably call them to hang out. My coarse language, my ignorance of how-to basic hair styles and youtube stars, my tiny muscles, unpainted nails, too much knowledge of X-Files and Star Trek did not phase them! Sweet baby jesus, adult women — I can relate to them!

Not only could I be myself, I could learn how to be a better person.

The group is growing stronger. So much positivity surrounds them, so much I’ve never encountered in my entire life. No stereotypes, no complaining, no hate, no bullshit. We are baking that fucking cake and eating it.

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