What skills a .NET Developer must have to be successful?

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What skills a .NET Developer must have to be successful?

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The emerging world of IT is bringing up a lot many job opportunities for IT professionals. As Microsoft’s .NET development environment is expanding, we have a number of new tools coming up and even the scope to work with those tools in this constantly widening ecosystem is increasing.

Needless to mention that the .NET developers are among the most sought after, versatile and talented within the programming arena. However, just like any other market, the .NET world is also quite competitive. In this broadening field, there is a range of associated specializations and skills. So, if someone is keen to grab the position of a .NET developer in a well-established firm and get paid a handsome salary, then s/he has to fine-tune some of their technical abilities. This way, it gets a lot easier to earn potential and increase their market demand

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# Who is a .NET Developer?

Now before giving a detailed view of the key skills required to become a top-shot .NET Developer, let’s understand who is a .NET Developer. The most obvious answer would be someone who clicks on the keyboard and updates the data or someone who creates the whole new world of software. But in reality, the responsibilities of a .NET Developer are far more than this.

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• A .NET Developer creates the applications that are text-based and they are then run on a number of .NET based applications.

• A .NET Developer creates the code to access the applications and then the developer helps to resolve system-related errors & defects.

• This professional also develops & manages defect tracking system and then s/he settles all the issues by dealing with updating of the system.

• S/he makes the risk estimations.

• A .NET Developer prepares the policy & procedure documents for running applications.

• S/he designs different application system

  • A .NET Developer keeps a constant eye on the system.

But this is not it. To ensure these responsibilities are fulfilled well, the .NET developer has to have the below-mentioned skills, which are sought after by every employer in his .NET Developer.

# Skills every .NET Developer must possess:

1) Learn ASP.NET Framework: Today ASP.NET framework is ruling the web market and it is successfully replacing many other frameworks competing with it. ASP.NET MVC makes it easier for the developers to create robust, feature-rich web applications, and hence speeding up deployment .NET developer must be well-versed with this skill, which makes use of open source web application framework. ASP.NET MVC is being used in the client-side web technologies and easily paired using server-side programming for creating complete software solutions. Not just this but ASP.NET MVC is also useful in doing unit testing.

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2) Improve SQL Skills: So, it is quite a known and obvious fact that data dominates the technological world. Hence, having great SQL skills can instantly land you in a job. No matter whether the developer is focused on Microsoft SQL Server or MYSQL, it is necessary to be able to both architect as well as maintain a database as a developer. When the developer is adept at data & data science, it increases the demand and raises the possibility to get a great job as a .NET developer at a great organization.

3) Databases: Microsoft .NET utilizes several databases on its own, but still it is vital for the developer to be knowledgeable in this domain. Even though the system exists but it needs a skilled developer and that is why most employers hunt for one. When a developer is adept with SQL, as well as can deal with the systems like Entity Framework, it adds to his/her portfolio. Hence, this is again a skill that most employers demand in the .NET Development industry. Also, the one who is experienced at handling databases like Oracle and Microsoft SQL get special preference. There are few contemporary apps nowadays that use different NoSQL databases, such as CouchDB or MongoDB. Having skilled at them again makes the developer preferable by the employers.

4) Client-side web development technologies: For a developer, it is essential to be well-versed at creating highly interactive, appealing, and creative web apps. This adds to their market value and also helps in many other ways. This, in fact, becomes an additional quality in the developer’s portfolio, and the more, the better. As per Robert Half Technology Guide, the client-side web development technologies are the most sought-after skills that add around six percent financial benefit to the initial salary package. Few of the recent technologies that have been added to this list of client-side web development technologies consist of CSS, HTML, jQuery, JavaScript, and Bootstrap. When the .NET developers are great at these aspects, it adds to their skill.

5) Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP): This, in fact, is a highly valued, high-rank prestigious program, where the .NET developers work with the Microsoft MVP program, and thus this skill is highly sought-after in the market. Once a developer successful accomplishes this profile status, s/he is considered to become a strong leader with technical excellence in the .NET framework. The .NET developers who have acquired this skill are deemed eligible to play the role of a mentor.

6) Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (MCSD): Again the MCSD certification is quite in demand in the market. A .NET developer skilled in this is highly valued as its development & maintenance comes from Microsoft and this requires modification after every 2 years. This is why a developer skilled in this area is again a favorite.

7) The more Experience, the better: in order to become highly proficient in .NET, a developer needs to invest a few years into this framework, to understand the handling and processing well. This way, one gain the required expertise. Look for the projects & opportunities directly involving programming on Microsoft’s platform and conduct further research as well on your own. The good thing is that out there a lot many web tutorials are available to help the developers advance their skill set. Also as .NET is a lucrative skill, hence there is a myriad of enterprises like Itransition that looks for promising new developers in the arena.

8) Develop your own app: Much before a developer takes up the task to design an app for a big company, it helps them to test out things by first creating their own Windows application. This will help them to get to know first-hand the inherent challenges that come in way of working within the .NET framework. It also helps them to also beforehand what they should expect while entering in big leagues. Other than that, creating your own app helps in learning to write and edit the code in a simple manner, and you find about your own pace of workflow.

9) Should have good communication skills: In most cases, the .NET developers are into application development and hence they are required to possess good communication skills, as they have to regularly communicate with the clients. It is crucial for a web developer to be able to translate the intricate codes into clear-cut features easily understandable to everyone, in order to avoid any kind of misunderstandings. A developer must be confident enough and know to stand their ground on occasions when clients are making unrealistic demands.

The onlookers for .NET developers are not just satisfied with the theoretical knowledge of .NET, but they are mainly concerned with their skills and what they can practically do with them. There can be a number of .NET developers around you in the market, but it is the skilled ones who are most sought-after in the tech industry. In fact, as there are new technologies being released constantly in the market, hence the .NET developers should be keen to learn more and more, as here learning is an endless process. The more they know, the better it is, and the higher they are paid.

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