What Legal Actions Can You Take Against the Negligence of Packers and Movers? by@packersmoving

What Legal Actions Can You Take Against the Negligence of Packers and Movers?

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Moving companies provide you house transport service to help you to relocate to a new city easily. But some companies are fraudsters. They take advantage of many situations and fool their customers. While some are not fraudsters but they neglect while packing and delivering your goods. No matter how carefully you have chosen the moving company, movers may neglect to pack your belongings with safety. In that case, you have the legal right to take action against their negligence.

People file cases against moving companies for theft and robbery. These are done by fraudsters, whose only motive is to fool and betray people. A reliable company provides you transit insurance through which you can recover the damaged costs or loss. But if the company denies paying the damaged costs then people file a case against it.

Before we jump into the actions you can take against the negligence of your packers and movers, you should know about the scenarios when you are supposed to take action.

Let’s see what things movers do that don’t satisfy customers. If the movers are not providing you quality services, then take legal actions. Following are the situations when you have the right to take legal actions against your movers and packers.

Late Delivery

Late delivery of the goods is quite common in the transport industry. There are chances that your shipment will arrive with damage, faults, and incorrect attributes. Shipping delays, also you may receive it in damaged conditions on a daily basis. If you also receive your goods in bad condition or your movers are not updating you about the delay of the shipment then you can take legal actions against this.

Well, you shouldn’t be too harsh on your movers for late delivery because several reasons could cause a delay of the shipment. They also try their best to deliver your goods on time but sometimes they fail due to: -

  • Lack of visibility
  • Inadequate technology
  • Trucks breakdown
  • Weather condition
  • Traffic
  • High volume shipment

Goods are Lost or Damaged

Another valid reason to take action against movers are the damaged delivery of the goods. Most reliable moving agencies cover the goods against damages with insurance. But not every company will provide transit insurance. If your movers have delivered the goods in damaged condition or the goods are missing then you can take action against them.

Do not wait for movers to leave your place rather immediately check the goods in front of your movers. This way you can notify your movers about the damages. The movers will not be responsible for any damages once they will leave your place. Match the goods with the inventory list to ensure nothing is missed and also check the condition of the goods. And if the mover denies paying the damaged cost then take legal actions.

Extra Delivery Charges

The companies that offer you low quotes try to attract customers and later they recover the cost by asking for extra charges before the delivery of the consignment. They will not release your goods until you pay them the amount they are asking for. In such a situation, you shouldn’t pay the movers the fancy prices they are asking for instead file a case against them or take any legal action. And to avoid such situations, always read the terms and conditions carefully before signing the agreement.

These are the things that allow you to take legal actions against the negligence of packers and movers in Visakhapatnam. Now, come to the things you can do to resolve all these situations.

Things You Can Do If You Are Unhappy With Your Movers

Peaceful Resolution

If you don’t want to take any legal actions then just contact your mover. Ask them why they are taking too long to deliver the goods. Have patience and listen to them carefully. Also, ask for solutions. If the goods have been damaged then ask what steps they will take to compensate damaged costs. Talking to your movers with some patience can provide the right solution to you. So, talk to them.

Write a Review

Well, you would never want others to suffer the same problems that you faced. Hence, it’s good to share your experience with people by writing a review about the moving company you had hired. Go to their web page or you can also use Google listing of the company to write a review. Share your real experience there. Let the people what problems you faced with the company and why they shouldn’t hire them. if they are genuine, they will try to resolve your problems immediately after reading your review. And if not, you can at least help others from not getting scammed by these fraudsters.

File a Case in Consumer Court

If the above tricks are not working to resolve your problem then you can take legal action against them by filing a case in consumer court. Just make sure you have all the legal documents with you before going to the consumer court. Without proof, you cannot get justice. So take the receipts and other documents provided by the movers and file a case against them in the consumer court.

Lodge an FIR

Yes, you can take this step as well. And this is the reason why it is always suggested you all get the company’s license and other credentials copy. Because these details will help the police to find out those fraudsters. Then they can take legal actions against them. here also you will have to submit all the proofs. Go with the receipts, bills, and other documents.


If you face any problems discussed above then you have the right to take legal actions. And to avoid all these situations, hire professional and reliable packers and movers. Check the company’s license and experience before hiring and then compare packers and movers charges to hire the one that best fits your budget.


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