What Its Like for Me, Sisu the Tortoise, to Live With a Human Who Is Learning Techby@sisuthetortoise

What Its Like for Me, Sisu the Tortoise, to Live With a Human Who Is Learning Tech

by kelly stockwellOctober 16th, 2023
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Sisu is a 5-year-old African spurred tortoise who lives with her human. She is the victim of [identity fraud]( from a data breach.
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Society might be learning tech, or not, but that is not MY concern. What is my concern is my human on that computer who leaves me looking like the above photo.

She is addicted and I am ignored.

Introduce Yourself Sisu

I am a sulcata tortoise. I am 5 years old. Although my mom used to know for sure. Now she thinks this is how old I am. I am happy for the most part. I am happy when I am soaking in the bath with candles and jazz playing. I’ve been living with my human since I was 8 months old. She is pretty cool until …….

Until What?

She is the victim of identity fraud from a data breach. I know this because she has told me all about it 500 times.

How Has This Affected Your Life?

She started learning all she could about tech stuff, from data breaches and ID fraud to crell reports.

Do You Mean Credit Reports?

Sisu gave no answer!

What Is a Good Thing About Computers You’ve Noticed?

Well, she does take some awesome pictures of me. We were walking down by Lake Michigan last Sunday and people stopped me to take my photo. I started to sorta pose. I am sure that now I am a viral sensation. Internet sensation at the very least. Also, my human has started to learn so much about tech. She is learning code now. She is 54 and a widow. This shows me that learning begins at any age by will and determination even at the expense of the tortoise that lives with you.

What Do You Want to Say About ID Fraud That You Didn’t Know Before?

Before?? Before my life was easy peasy. My human would humor me all day. Now???? she cries and gets mad and tells me she promises to spend time tomorrow but she is too tired the nest day and her brain is fried. Although the data breach wasn’t her fault because it was from Equifax. She said to me that they are supposed to protect not destroy and deny. I say if you don’t want your tortoise to look like the above picture.. then be viligent…I mean vigilant. Right? I never used to second guess myself before this fraud…. Anyway…. Do not think it can’t happen to your human. Talk to your human. Tell them how important it is to check crell reports frequently. To open an account at my social security online. Check, follow up and be suspicious. Because the alternative is me walking around with calcium all over my face and no one cares.