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What is the Future of Gambling Industry?

Gambling is one of the industries that can’t be improved without technological innovations. In order to improve users’ gaming experiences, owners of gambling platforms need to be aware of modern technological trends and implement new solutions as soon as possible. But how can they see over the horizon and predict upcoming innovations for the future? Below, we will uncover the new trends that will soon transform the industry of gambling.

Blockchain is an ideal solution for the gambling industry

Blockchain is already known as a breakthrough technology, one that brought more hope for future to a number of industries in our daily lives and online gambling is not an exception. Every day, countless transactions are carried out between operators and users: transferring money to the account, receiving winnings or exchanging crypto currencies. Blockchain technology makes transactions faster and simpler; no banks or other third parties are involved in the process, and all transactions are transparent to every participant. As we see, it’s better for both operators and players. Winnings can’t be blocked or confiscated by banks, so players don’t need to wait to receive their money. Fraudulent activity is lessened by the technology of blockchain because personal and other information is not controlled by one operator, and it is stored in different places.

One good example of a solution implemented by Blockchain in online gambling is Bitbook. The company allows the use of different cryptocurrencies and offers their players the option of depositing money swiftly. What is more, Bitbook respects the privacy and security of their customers; they provide fast payments and swift transactions. There is no limit to funds t in the Bitbook gambling and sportsbook platform; players can deposit as much money as they want.

Available gambling options for smartphone

Most of the developers of online gambling platforms make new games by improving graphic and technical features. Most online games are made for computers, but now tablets and smartphones are the devices people use more. The handheld devices are more convenient for searching the web; that’s why software developers need to create more mobile versions of gambling platforms to expand the audience. Indeed, it is better for gambling companies to offer two options for gambling and betting, computer and smartphone/tablet.

Bitbook made this possible for customers. Players in the Bitbook platform can enjoy different games and place bets on sports activities via computers or mobile devices.

One platform for gambling and sports bets

Some gamblers are interested in betting on sport activities. In real life, casino and sports bets don’t coexist in one place, but when gambling came online, the idea of a gambling and sports bets combination sounded perfect to passionate players.

The online platform that combines various games with betting options already exists as Bitbook. Bitbook offers their customers more than 200 casino games, over 150 slot games, 9 variations of roulette and bets on major worldwide sporting events. Users of this platform can place bets on the outcome of events in such sports as football, soccer, basketball, tennis, hockey, car racing, golf and more. The combination of sports book and online games helps save time and improves the gambling experience.

More engagement with virtual reality

Over the last few years, virtual reality has received a lot of attention from developers and customers. Nowadays, the wide range of VR devices and options has been demonstrated to the public. People can try the new virtual experience with real-life graphics and full engagement. Unfortunately, virtual reality is mostly available for modern video games, but the limits will be expanded in the near future, especially for online gambling. Online casinos can replace traditional ones with virtual reality implementation. There will be no need for players to visit casinos in real life when they can get the same or even better experiences without leaving home. One moment a user can play roulette in a Vegas casino, and ten minutes later he can move to Macau. Virtual reality is going to change online gambling drastically while offering innovative opportunities for players.

The perspectives of online gambling

In the coming decade, traditional casinos will continue to exist because the target audience for online gambling consists of people 18–35 years of age who rely primarily on their phones. However, blockchain technology and crypto currencies improve trust among players and offer transparency to their customers. With the implementation of blockchain, smart payments, swift transactions and easy money exchanges became real. Virtual reality experiences in online gambling look promising, and we only need to wait for gambling to be transformed in general. The experience of online gambling through different devices, especially mobile phones, helps the industry to increase the number of users and reach a new level of business.

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