What is the difference between Information Security and Information Technology? by@srimanikanta

What is the difference between Information Security and Information Technology?

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Information Security, and/or Cybersecurity, isn’t the same thing as Information Technology.

There’s a strong relationship between Information Security and Information Technology. Both may sound similar, but they are in fact separate functions.

  • Information Security deals with security-related issues and it ensures that technology is secure and protected from possible breaches and attacks.
  • Information Technology deals with deploying the technology that will help for the running and growth of a business.
Information Security and Information Technology are two different sides of a coin. They both work together to create productive and secure environments in any business today.

Objectives Of Information Security

The main objective principles of Information Security are —

  1. Confidentiality.
  2. Authentication.
  3. Integrity.
  4. Availability.
  5. Non-Repudiation.


It is almost equivalent to Privacy, The main aim of confidentiality is to provide security for the sensitive data without reaching to the unauthorized persons.


It is one of the most important aspects of Information Security for an Organisation. It helps an organization to allow only authorized persons to access the organization confidential data.


It involves the maintenance of Consistency, accuracy, and trustworthiness of data over its entire life cycle. It also ensures that data can't be altered by unauthorized persons.


It is best ensured by rigorously maintaining all hardware, performing hardware repairs immediately when needed and maintaining a correctly functioning operating system environment that is free of software conflicts.


It is the assurance that someone cannot deny the validity of something. It is a legal concept that is widely used in information security and refers to a service, which provides proof of the origin of data and the integrity of the data.

Objectives Of Information Technology

The main objective principles of Information Technology are —

  1. Focus on relationships.
  2. Definition of roles.
  3. Success visualization.
  4. You advise, they decide.
  5. Orientation towards results.

Focus on Relationships

In the IT world, One of the major aspects is to maintain a good relationship with the client. this is possible when there is a clear discussion between client and stakeholder.

Definition of Roles

IT consultants should make sure their clients are aware of their active role in the project and that everyone understands who is responsible for decisions in each phase. The consultant also needs to clearly state the boundaries f his or her role, as well as those of the consulting them.

Success Visualization

This third step is also part of the planning phase and entails helping clients visualize how the final product or solution will look. This is where results and final configurations are introduced. Potential benefits should be clearly defined, as well as how new processes will work and how any new equipment will be installed.

You Advise, They Decide

The fourth principle is clearly tied to the definition of roles. The IT consultant must always consider that the client knows best when it comes to certain decisions. The role of the consulting team is to advise, propose, and give technical guidance. But in the end, the team must also be able to step aside and provide clients with what they ask for. This is the essence of “You Advise, They Decide,” and is a fundamental approach we take at our IT consulting firm.

Orientation Towards Results

The final principle is “orientation toward results,” which essentially means that all actions must contribute to the realization of the end goal.

Major Differences Between IS and IT

The key differences between Information Security and Information Technology are —


Top Priorities of IS and IT

  1. Information Technology ensures that hardware, software, and other network components remain functional.
  2. Information Security deals with protecting data and assets.
  1. Information Technology is responsible for hardware, software and new technology.
  2. Information Security is responsible for system processes, and risks posed by end-users.
  1. Information Technology implements controls over Hardware, software.
  2. Information Security identifies which controls to implement and tests controls to ensure they are working properly.
Threat Safe.
  1. Information Technology keeps Hardware, Software, and applications updated and patched.
  2. Information Security keeps up-to-date on new threats and cyberattacks that emerge daily.
Risk Mitigation.
  1. Information Technology often measured in uptime and response time.
  2. Information Security recommends and prioritizes action plans and solutions to mitigate risk.
  1. Information Technology follows the “Fix it First” approach.
  2. Information Security follows the “Secure it first” approach.

I hope this article helped you establish a clear idea of the differences between Information Security and Information Technology. I think discussed pretty much everything about both sides of the coin in a detailed manner — let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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by Sri Manikanta palakollu @srimanikanta.Problem Solver || Started Journey as a Programmer || Techie Guy || Bibliophile || Love to write blog
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