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What is the Cost to Develop a Sports Betting App like William Hill

In the modern app era, things are changing at an extraordinary pace. Technology is trying to develop every possible source through which user are entertained and engaged. And yes, when we talk about technology possibilities nothing is untouched.

In today’s time, it doesn’t matter if you are away from your hometown or traveling. Tech-apps won’t let you miss anything that is going all around the world.

Likewise, betting mobile app is there for those where you can place bets, earn rewards and cash out from anywhere and anytime.

A few years ago, it was hard to find an App like betting app. To be a part of a game the gamblers had to visit the website to place a bet and had to go through tricky steps.

Moreover, the majority of betting websites didn’t have much to offer to their users. Gone are the days when gamblers had to find a local bookmaker who offered them basic feature to place a bet.

The users no more need to look out for a bookmaker and let them place a bet. There are many top app development companies have sponsored gambling website owners to launch their own app. These Apps are embedded with user-friendly features, allows users to bet on-the-go.

Brief about the William Hill

William Hill is the Australian sports betting platform inviting gamblers from around the globe.

This is some new of its own kind where betting on various sporting events, competitions and leagues are doing through this platform. The company offers a mobile app for users to create enthusiasm among the user by offering amazing features and rewards.


The culture of gambling is evergreen. Thus to keep the game and gamblers to run parallel with time, technology is here. As the time has changed, the evolution of sports and betting apps have empowered users.

With more advanced gambling features, an app is creating a common platform while users are on the move. Moreover, the app broadcasted the game across many countries.

And created an open gate for all smartphone users. Betting App with many features has invited more users to bet on their favorite teams, sport, players, and events.

The key features that you can ask your team of app developers to blend in your version of betting app.

Let’s, talk about features that mobile app developing company developers can include in its betting app. Users an experience that they have never been through after using the App.

Popular features of a betting app include in-play bets, match schedules, sports news and betting trends. Apart from that secure payment gateway odds from different sports and scenarios, live streaming of games and much more.

The user experience on behalf of features offered….

· Interactive and simple User Interface

· Streamlined navigation

· Tranquil bets process

· Live streaming

· Online Match schedules

· Promotional push messages

· Different language provision

1. Interactive and simple User Interface

The best part of the app is it is designed extremely attractive and easy to use. Moreover, there is no hassle amongst design elements. Proper bet categories, sporting events, and competitions help users to identify the options and procedure to follow.

2. Streamlined navigation

As a user, you’d like to navigate to your desired app screen within few clicks despite more than fifty sports categories are offered to bet on. Without any troubles, William Hill has done exactly that.

Distinctive and unique icons are placed beside each sport. Thus the user can quickly select the sport to explore all the active and upcoming bets.

3. Tranquil bets process

App offers users to place bets while the game is on the go. Authorized Real-time scores and springing odds make the betting process more interactive and ratified.

This way of live matches creates excitement and fun for gamblers to explore more and more.

4. Live streaming

This feature is the essential one as it enables you to watch live match. Thus, live game streaming feature display Real-time scores. Updated data is always available for the user.

5. Online Match schedules

The schedule of current/upcoming leagues and tournaments can check out anytime and anywhere. Apart from that, you can a reminder for the in-play matches which you don’t want to miss in any circumstances.

6. Promotional push messages

For users, this feature creates a multitasking platform where users receive the app alerts with relevant offers. In the form of the push message, the attractive odds and more promotional stuff persuades the user them to return to the app after some interval of time.

7. Different Language provision

To enroll user from all around the globe this feature helps users to use the app in their native language. Thus the users find it easy to use the App which eventually uplifts the user experience with time.

Cost of developing a betting app like William Hill

Based on different present-day mobile operating systems the quality is maintained. Thus users don’t face trouble while using it. The development cost for creating a high-end betting app has the range of $35,000 to $40,000 based out of sub-continent countries.

App development companies can estimated their proportion accordingly that includes app developers, designers, and programmers. The cost may vary but that does not mean that the app quality or the performance of the app would also diverge. Quytech is here to clear your queries regarding Mobile app development like William Hill .

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