What is SIM Swapping and How Do You Prevent It?by@marcusleary
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What is SIM Swapping and How Do You Prevent It?

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SIM swapping itself is not illegal. SIM swapping is how your phone company transfers your old number to a new phone. If you’ve ever purchased a new phone and kept your old number, then you performed a SIM swap without even knowing it. Knowing the process of how to legitimately swap a SIM is important, as this same process will be used by the scammer. It usually goes like this: You contact your mobile carrier either by visiting a store or calling customer support. You’re asked right away to verify your identity. This includes personal information like your full name, phone number, address and so on. You are then asked to explain the reason for swapping the SIM. This is usually a device upgrade, a lost or damaged phone/SIM card or some other legitimate reason. You then need to fill out a few forms or other documentation. If you’re doing this over the phone, you may have to visit a store. Once you have the new SIM card, you simply need to activate it by following a few on-screen prompts.
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