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What is Adaptive CMS?

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@chilijungHoward Chi

Adaptive CMS is a new CMS structure that different from traditional CMS and headless CMS. The biggest different about Adaptive CMS is that it decouples both view and data layer. It builds data interfaces to connect to single or multiple data sources.

Overview of CMS structures

CMS trends

Recently the main trend of CMS swift from traditional to Headless CMS because it decouples it’s view to APIs, which enables developers to connect CMS data to web, mobile apps and even IoT, moreover, it provide composite API and CMS structure that developers can design it’s CMS and API specification in the same time.

What’s different in Adaptive CMS?

Adaptive CMS move a step further, it’s a CMS framework that provides different adapters to connect to different backend services such as Firebase, Parse and GraphCool. This allow developers to choose where they want to put their data without binding it’s data source to a single data source.

Advantages of Adaptive CMS:

  1. Own your data: CMS doesn’t own your data, you can host it on your backend services.
  2. Easy to learn: Support main backend services, you don’t need to learn another API.
  3. Hybrid CMS solution: You could host on both public and private clouds in a single CMS.

Why now? The raise of backend services

As backend services user base grow rapidly, and these backend services do terrific jobs on dealing with web and mobile apps backend features such as push notifications, authentication, storage, crash report, cloud functions, etc … . With Adaptive CMS, we could leverage it’s platform and build CMS fast and scalable.

There are millions of developers using those backend services already. If you build a CMS that adapts to those platforms, developers don’t need to learn new APIs, they can pick up easily.

Try Adaptive CMS?

What do you think? Is Adaptive CMS the future? Love to hear your ideas!


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