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What is a Full Stack Developer?

Full stack development is one of the most talked about services in the contemporary world. In order to save cost and time, various companies hire full stack developers. Do you get confused with the homonyms like MEAN stack developers, MERN stack developers, full stack developers, etc? Don’t worry, it’s not only with you! Most of the people get confused with this.

I am a Senior Software Consultant and on a day-to-day basis, I am inquired with some common questions about full stack coders. They are generally asked by businesses that want web or mobile app development.

Some of these questions are:

1. What are full stack developers? Are they the kings of the coding world?
2. What is the job of full-stack developers?
3. What is the difference between full-stack programmers/coders and normal programmers?
4. What are the advantages that I can avail by choosing full-stack coders?
5. What is the difference between the level of coding done by a full stack developer and a normal developer?

To answer these common queries of all businesses about full-stack developers, I have included them in this blog.

You can go through the questionnaire given below to get precise knowledge about full stack web coders.

Query 1: What is the meaning of full-stack web development?

The services of full-stack developers include:

1. Write code for website designing: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and HTML5 are certain popular programming languages that a full stack web developer uses.

2. Write code to receive users’ information input and saving it in databases: To manipulate the users’ collected data, algorithms and business logic are created by full stack developers by using many popular languages like Ruby on Rails, PHP and Python.

3. Managing servers: On servers, a database is hosted by full stack developers. Anyone can access your website online as soon as your website is hosted on a server.

Query 2: What is the job of a full stack web developer?

A full stack developer works on both the portions of mobile or web app development, that is the front end development and back-end development. This means that a full-stack developer is responsible for both the effective look and efficient functionality.

You must be wondering about What is a Full Stack Engineer?

A professional at a senior level role of the developer with the skills of a full stack developer is known as a Full Stack Engineer. Such a professional also has the experience of project management in areas like systems administration (configuring, maintaining and managing computer networks and systems).

Query 3: How is a full stack developer different from the MEAN stack developer?

One who possess expertise for working in various technologies, namely, MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, and NodeJS is known as a MEAN stack developer. These technologies are frameworks of JavaScript.

There are different stacks like MERN, LAMP and MEAN. A full stack developer possesses the knowledge and experience of all of them. Although full stack developers are not expected to be masters in all these stacks.

Query 4: How are front end, back end, and full stack different from each other?

A Front end developer makes the look of a web/mobile app attractive, appealing and effective. React developers, NodeJS developers, AngularJS developers, etc are front end developer. They have the capability to make changes in the represented information on a web/mobile app.

One who writes information for receiving the information input from the users is known as back-end developers. PHP developers, Python developers or ASP.Net developers are included in this category of developers. They save the information on the database.

The one who can work in all of these technologies whether they are back-end or front-end are known as Full-Stack Web Developer. Moreover, they possess additional knowledge of MEAN, MERN, and LAMP.

Query 5: How does a Full Stack web developer help in increasing your business?

The full-stack developers are efficient in both and frontend and backend of mobile and web applications. They can formulate attractive and appealing web applications for your business.

Moreover, they are also capable of improving its functionality by writing the required codes. The database of your website on the server is hosted by iOS developers or Android mobile app developers or a full stack web developer.

A full stack web developer helps in getting potential customers from the online domain by providing an efficient and appealing website.

Companies and businesses need professionals who can handle multitasking. It reduces the cost in comparison to hiring multiple developers, programmers, and coders. Therefore, in case you know both the front-end as well as back-end then there are more chances of getting a bright job and career in software or tech industry.

Another advantage of full-stack developers is that businesses can switch between frontend and backend development according to the requirements of projects.

Query 7: What are the programming languages that a full stack developer knows?

A full stack developer knows languages of both frontend and backend programming. They have extensive experience of working with CSS, HTML, JavaScript (like Nodejs Development, VueJS development, Reactjs Development, and AngularJS development).

They have experience in backend languages as well such as PHP web development, Ruby web development, Python web development, and ASP.Net web development.

Query 8: How much does a Junior full stack developer make?

A junior full stack developer makes around $68,098 annually in the United States as of April 2019 according to the findings of ZipRecruiter. Their salaries can be as high as $107,500 and as low as $30,500.

These are the salaries estimated by evaluating the salaries posted in job advertisements. These salaries remain the same regardless of the location.

Query 9: What is the best market for Junior full stack developer?

The Junior full stack developer job market is extremely active in Noida, India as well as surrounded area. The job generation and quality of services in this area are unmatchable.

Query 10: What is the degree possessed by Full stack developers?

One can become a normal web developer by attaining an associate’s degree but to become a full stack developer, it is necessary to possess a bachelor’s degree. Apart from a degree in computer science or programming, the full stack developers can also be benefitted by attaining certifications in various languages and frameworks like JavaScript.

Query 11: How much time does it take to become a full stack developer?

There is no specific time which is required to become a full stack developer. To master the art of delivering full stack is a continuous process. It may take 5 years to fifteen years or even a lifetime. The study of a dynamic field like software programming can never be narrowed to some years of learning or experience.

Query 12: Why are Full Stack developers in demand?

There was 20% more growth in demand of full-stack developers in 2018 in comparison to 2017 as per the report published on ZeeBusiness. This is probably because companies are looking for multi-skilled professionals.

The full-stack developers are involved in all stages and dimensions of development that includes a business logic layer, presentation layer, and the database layer.

Query 13: Is the cost of hiring full-stack web developers high? What is the average pay of these developers?

The average salary of a full-stack developer in India is 6.25 lakhs per annum according to a survey conducted by Indeed. This means that a full-stack developer in India earns around 52 thousand on a monthly basis.

Query 14: Why are full-stack web developers better than usual web developers?

Full stack developer has extensive experience in both the frontend as well as backend development. Apart from them, a full stack developer possesses knowledge about technologies like MERN, MEAN, and LAMP.

In place of them, if you will hire normal web developers then they would not be providing you with all these expertise in various technologies. They will either be a frontend developer or backend developer.

Therefore, instead of hiring separate developers for frontend and backend development, businesses can hire one full-stack developer who will be solely responsible for managing and maintaining the complete application or website development from the start to the end.

Query 15: Why should businesses outsource their full stack web development?

Robust full stack web development services are offered by various full stack web development providers. Outsourcing Full Stack Web Development can provide you access to the best services by expert professionals at a fixed time.

Moreover, when you hire a dedicated development team in India you can save both your time and cost because INR (Indian national rupees) costs less than the dollars.

Many companies in India provide initial consulting services so that you can select the optimum developer as per your custom business requirements. Apart from these benefits, you can get skilled developers, strict NDA, easy team scale up and down, ready-to-use infrastructure, etc. the most important advantage of this is that you get all of these at a lesser price.

Wrapping Up:

Before representing and answering these questions in this questionnaire, I have done thorough research. I hope that these questions will provide you with all the information that you are looking about Full-stack Web developers.

I think that all the doubts and confusions of companies and businesses related to hiring full-stack developers are cleared through this blog. Undoubtedly, full-stack developers help in saving time & cost.

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