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What I Learned at Consensus at BlockchainWeekNYC

Yes, there were lambos.

Here are some promising technologies.

#BlockchainWeekNYC was the time to be in New York. Not only was Consensus happening, but there were also numerous other cryptocurrency and blockchain events going on simultaneously, and it wasn’t all about the Lambos. Basically if you knew anyone from anywhere in the world who worked in any blockchain-adjacent field you were likely to run into them. I focused most of my time that week on Consensus, and here are a few of the highlights:

  • Salt is solving a big problem in a big way. Lots of folks with extensive cryptocurrency portfolios are extremely cash poor — being a millionaire on paper doesn’t do you much good if you aren’t willing to access any of that capital. Salt is providing a lending platform whereby borrowers can put up cryptocurrency as collateral, allowing them to keep their valuable investments right where they are.
  • Yinc has the potential to revolutionize service provider reviews by monetizing reviews with a cryptocurrency while simultaneously storing proof of work and payment based reviews on the blockchain, making them verifiable.
  • Intercoin is creating open source systems for making local cryptocurrencies for any type of community, from a vacation resort to a country or nation. This will have major implications for the sustainability and usability of cryptocurrencies because it will limit the consensus size, this eliminating the time and energy spent on transactions in older generation cryptocurrencies.
  • Cprop aims to modify the real estate business by eliminating the need for trust while simultaneously ensuring records are immutable. This is going to be an important step toward stabilizing regions of the world where land disputes are a frequent problem thanks to government corruption.
  • Loyalcoin is working to streamline loyalty programs and make them more functional for consumers by organizing everything into one app and allowing for digital transfer of rewards.

Blockchain and its related technologies are really growing up fast, as evidenced by these innovative enterprise solutions. Are there other blockchain based technologies you think I need to check out? Leave me a comment below!

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