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What holds us back from striking out on our own and shipping our ideas

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What does it really take to strike out on your own and ship an idea?

Some will tell you: “You need to have a brilliant idea!”

Others will say, “It’s all about execution.”

And finally there is a group that will tell you, “No, you need an idea, you need to execute on it, and it has to address a market ripe for disruption!”

While that’s all valid advice, it doesn’t actually address a BIG concern many of us have: being good enough.

Over the years and across the world, I’ve met a lot of brilliant folks, who have some amazing ideas, but they are held back from pursuing their ideas out of fear. They end up spending months, weeks, and years worrying about being good enough. They delayed getting started, and when it came time to put something out there, they were held back out of fear.

Does this sound familiar?

Well you’re not alone.

I too have experienced this fear. I struggled with wondering if my ideas were good enough, and if I was good enough.

It held me back from getting started and striking out on my own, until I learned to embrace and practice a new mindset. In today’s video lesson I’m going to share that mindset with you, and show you how to start putting it into practice right away!

Once you’ve watched this video, I’d love to hear from you! In the comments below, share what you discovered when brainstorming with me here.

Looking forward to continuing the conversation there!

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