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What does a Quality Engineer do? Interview with Pushkala, Test Architect @ OpenGov

There are many paths you can take as a software developer, quality engineering is one of the path. So I had Pushkala with me, who is the test architect of OpenGov to talk about what quality engineers do, why she chose it, the career path, and what OpenGov is like.

On a side note, one of the reasons that I did this interview is because I once heard that quality engineer is not as privileged as the other developers. But I personally believe that there is no good and bad in any career, it depends on if it fits a person. And every job has its own path. So I hope Pushkala’s story can take some of that bias away.

  • What do you do 0:57
  • Different kinds of quality engineering 1:23
  • Suggestion for people considering QE as their career 2:25
  • Some people think quality engineers are second class engineers. How do you look at that? 3:03
  • Why do you choose quality engineering 4:08
  • What does a test architect do? 5:33
  • What does OpenGov do? 6:19
  • What is the culture in OpenGov 6:40

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