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What are the Advantages of the Visa Card?

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Offered by several online banks, the various Visa cards available on the market have something to seduce their holders.

With 44.8 million Visa cards in circulation in France or 6.36 billion transactions for 289.6 billion euros in spending per year, the Visa card is the leader in payments in France. 

Many online banks have partnered with this network to offer their customers a free best Visa card for life, choose from the range of their choice. What are the advantages of this benchmark bank card?

Secure and streamline transactions

Online purchase, dematerialized transaction, technological evolution is transforming our lifestyles and our consumption strategiesThe Visa group develops innovative products intended to make our daily lives easier.

When you make purchases on the Internet, the Verified BY Visa password verification service protects you against the risk of fraudulent use of your bank card on the Internet. Another technological innovation, for purchases of less than 20 euros, it is now possible to benefit from the NFC (Near Field Communication) contactless systemAlready used by 44% of Visa cardholders, this device allows you to purchase without having to insert your card into the payment terminal or dial your code.

Facilitate trips abroad

No need to carry large sums of cash during your trip. Accepted by millions of merchants around the world, the Visa card makes it easier for its users to travel abroad, with free payments in the European zone.

Paying for your trip with your payment card allows you to benefit from medical assistance anywhere in the world.

Injured or sick, the cardholder and their family have the medical costs and their repatriation covered. 

Basic guarantees are more extensive for holders of prestige cards.

Benefit from exclusive advantages

Silver, gold, or black card: each color has its exclusive advantages. Premium cards make life easier for cardholders thanks to assistance insurance guarantees and concierge services. 

There are 6.2 million Visa Premier cardholders, 70,000 Platinum cardholders, 200,000 Infinite cardholders (Source Visa Europe). And the growth of these high-end cards that promise their users a la carte services is very dynamic. 

By paying for their purchases with these super sesames, buyers benefit from very extensive coverage: from breakage or theft of ski equipment in the mountains to theft, loss or damage to luggage for an airplane flight, etc.

The most prestigious cards also offer services modeled on those of a luxury hotel concierge. They can help you organize a last-minute weekend, find the last table in your favorite restaurant, find a plumber in the middle of the night, etc. 

"The only limit will be your imagination", the slogan for launching the Visa Infinite card has what to appeal to the most demanding consumers.

Whatever its range, your card should be used with caution, especially during your remote transactions. Follow the precautions, especially the confidentiality, that your establishment will tell you.

And do not forget that while the regulations may seem less rigorous than that of checks, the cardholder commits to the terms of his agreement, in particular as regards the authorized overdraft. Its ease of use should not obscure the risks inherent in this means of payment.

What Are the Advantages of the Visa Card?

The Visa Classic card is the most widely marketed bank card in France. It is found in most French wallets and it allows you to spend money almost anywhere. Why such a success? What are the advantages of the Visa Classic card?

The Visa Classic card is marketed by almost all banks. This is the basic card that can be obtained from the age of 18. It allows you to withdraw money, pay online or at merchants as well as use contactless payment up to € 50. It is available in immediate or deferred debit (deferred debit may be slightly more expensive).

But there are other advantages of the Visa Provisioning Service and Visa Classic card:

A card that can be used anywhere thanks to the Visa network: the Visa network allows you to pay and withdraw money anywhere in the world. 

Medical assistance included: to cover hospital expenses as well as repatriation if the client is injured or ill while abroad. To obtain more guarantees, however, you will need to take out a Visa Premier card.

Death/disability insurance an affordable price: traditional banks market the Visa Classic card from € 35 to € 40 per year. Thanks to online banking, it is even possible to get it for free.

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