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Websites for Law Firms: Taking Advantage and Being on Top of the Competition

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Is your firm getting enough clients from referrals alone? Or do you need to utilize a marketing tool to make your business stand out from the rest of the competition? 

We're in the digital age now, and almost everyone knows how to navigate through Google. 

Therefore, ask yourself this question: Is it high time for your company to go online?

Well, there's no better tool than creating a website. Law firms that have a website certainly have clear advantages from those that don't.

So, why does your law firm needs a good website?

Conveniently reachable

When it comes to web users searching for attorneys, most of them are in a rush to get answers, depending on what type of specialized practice they need.

So one of the significant advantages of having a website for your law firm is providing easy and convenient contact methods for prospective clients. Gone were the days where people have to flick through yellow pages!

You can add the following contact methods on your site:

Click to call: Having a responsive website design lets your site show up productively on various devices. It also lets mobile users automatically call your firm just by clicking the phone number you've provided.

Live chat widget: This can be placed on your site's homepage so it's easier for users to correspond on your firm in real-time. This lets them browse your site while simultaneously asking for questions or getting help immediately. This improves conversion rates in the long run, especially for people who crave instant gratification. 

Inquiry form: Place this form on your Contact Us page. This lets users send an email with whatever questions they may have. Doing so removes the hassle for you, as well as saves time on the users' end. because they don't have to leave your site. 

Doles out information

A website is a fantastic way to extend your business card.

The reality is the information that you place on your business card is only limited. The same with commercials, yellow page ads, billboards, and so on. 

Almost every form of advertisement medium is quite limited, especially in the information that you put out. But as long as you have a website, it's easier to point people back to you, give them the information they need, and what your firm can do for them. 

Trust and credibility

There's nothing wrong about flaunting your law firm's achievement on social media and your website. In fact, showing off your skills and knowledge helps create trust and credibility in the long run.

Why? Because people will always look for proof. 

Focus on helping people solve their problems. Even doing baby steps like replying to comments on your blog posts, hosting a webinar, and building a solid social media presence can already go a long way. You can start by checking out this Instagram advertising agencies list and learn from their case studies.

Find new clients

Without a doubt, the internet has now replaced the once-powerful Yellow Pages.

Prospects are now searching for lawyers online. That's why it's highly recommended that you create a good website for your firm.

As more and more people are using the internet to find the services they need, it's crucial to create an excellent first impression. Your site creates a professional image for your firm online.

Google usually redirects users to websites that are relevant to search algorithms. That's why you need to invest in a quality website. Doing so helps you get more visitors and clients on the internet.

Since the digital landscape is highly competitive, you should aim for a website that outperforms other firms who have dominated the top results of Google. 

Effective marketing machine

Not only does your site holds all your firm's information in one place, but it also shows off your achievements to the rest of the world.

From your firm's successes, recent cases, and latest news. Your website allows you to market the information that you want with your audience, without any limit as to how much.

That's why a website is considered as the best marketing tool in this age!

Over to You

You might think that you don't need a website for your law firm right now. But have you ever considered what it can do for your law firm?

One of the best things about advertising with your website is that it's more convenient to grab data about your marketing efforts than with more traditional methods. 

Meaning, it's easier to use your website to market your law firm, and then measure if it worked or not. It's also easier for you to decide whether or not you want to do it for a relatively low cost.

Managing an online presence might be challenging for a lot of law firms and attorneys, but the reward for all your hard work will be worth it in the end.


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