“We Were Shaping Bullieverse Since Before Metaverse Was A Thing” - Srini Anala by@shill

“We Were Shaping Bullieverse Since Before Metaverse Was A Thing” - Srini Anala

Bullieverse is an Open Metaverse developed for the community of players and creators. Built for Web 3.0 citizens to experience an immersive gaming environment. Powered by an easy-to-build 'low code' platform powered by the Unreal Engine.
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I had an interesting conversation with Srini Anala, the CEO & Co-founder of Bullieverse. Seems like the Play2Earn and Metaverse fever doesn’t seem to diminish. This exclusive conversation will give you a gist of something that you shouldn’t definitely miss.

Enjoy the Interview!

Bullieverse is an Open Metaverse developed for the community of players and creators. It is built for Web 3.0 citizens to experience an immersive gaming environment. As a result, gamers enjoy the gameplay with a transparent and fair monetization mechanism that underpins our play-to-earn economy. Furthermore, it is powered by an easy-to-build 'low code'.

Shilika: Reminiscing about your blockchain journey, how did working on something exciting as Bullieverse start?

Srini: Having spent over a decade as an engineer, I was first inspired by Blockchain technology in 2016. I was then at Refinitiv working on a smart contract project. Moving forward, I jumped headfirst into the Web 3.0 rabbit hole and have been a developer, entrepreneur, and investor in this space since then.

My previous Blockchain startup was focused on Microfinance in Emerging markets. However, Covid put a huge dent in the market. It was important for us (Myself and My Co-Founder Murali) to reassess our subsequent steps. It was during that time that I started actively participating in the NFT space. I was an early participant of the BAYC community and glimpse the potential of this technology. During the lockdown, apart from playing Fortnite for several hours, I was also helping my niece to build a Roblox game along with growth hacking her Youtube.

As the dots connected, I envisioned that a Community owned Metaverse offering a utility continuum for NFTs would be an amazing future. And that’s when Bulliverse shaped - even before Meta as a buzzword came into existence.

Shilika: Despite there being abundant Metaverse and Play2Earn projects in the crypto space, what are some of the key aspects that stand out in Bullieverse?

Srini: We believe Play and Earn is a better model than Play2Earn. Our gamers love the quality of our designs and the overall gaming experience. Therefore, earning from the games is a bolt-on. That doesn’t mean we compensate our gamers lower than our competitors. For us, the gaming experience is as important as the earning potential. We have achieved that experience by employing the Unreal Engine. This will also appeal to hardcore gamers who have been used to the PubG or Fortnite experience.

Shilika: With Fundamental principles such as making it “The Metaverse” and not “ A Metaverse”, what are the things that Bullieverse is doing differently?

Srini: We feel the following building blocks help define ‘The Metaverse’. At Bullieverse we are pedantic about these principles.

  • Native Web 3.0: The world has moved into a ‘creator economy’ and more recently into the ‘create your economy’ model. Products that serve a community will be built by the community, these communities will grow into ecosystems and ecosystems into economies. Centralized models work well with traditional capital markets. However, as communities start defining state rules through DAOs and create their own markets, we will start seeing a paradigm shift. Decentralization is the future, embrace it.

  • Economic Models: Three key economic inspirations we take from existing models are Play And Earn, Create And Earn, and Asset ownership. While most Metaverse plays focus on one of these aspects, we believe that there is a supply-demand-driven network effect that is possible as these different economic models converge into one marketplace. It would be a marketplace that would be a self-reinforcing, virtuous cycle.

  • Immersive Experience: This is deliberately the last building block, as it is perhaps the most critical one. Gamers’ experience is paramount in ensuring growth and retention. Metaverse games are a Trillion dollar opportunities, and we are well suited to tap into them through the experiences we offer. We use Unreal Engine, and our designs and graphs are not just high quality, but also super cool.

We are not only better than Roblox and the Fortnite of the Web 2.0 era in terms of making the participants own the network but also certainly ahead of our peers in the Web 3.0 Metaverse segment.

Shilika: With different metaverses incepting in this booming space, what is the kind of experience Bulieverse intends to provide its users?

Srini: Our gaming experience speaks volumes for itself. We successfully completed our  Private Beta launch. We are now gearing towards a Public Beta to garner the support of our early adopters and Bullieverse enthusiasts. Our game is built on Unreal Engine, thus making it more suitable for hardcore gamers who are fond of PubG style games.

Shilika: Could you please elaborate on the terms - Unreal Engine, Bull NFTs and Bear NFTs and also on how they are correlated to Bulliverse?

Srini: That’s a really interesting question. Unreal Engine is the platform we utilize to build our games. Games built using this technology have a better gamer experience unlike Unity that our peers like Axie Infinity and Sandbox have proceeded with. As mentioned below, games built using Unreal Engine appeal to gamers who expect a hardcore experience.

Elaborating on the Bull NFTs, they are from our genesis collection. We sold 10,000 Bull NFTs with over 150 traits in August 2021. In order to proactively participate on the Bullieverse platform, gamers will need to hold a Bull NFT. Therefore it is quite fundamental to the Metaverse experience and economy.  Bull NFT holders will also get early access and options in our Land and Game portal sale. We would be releasing more details regarding the NFTs in the days to come.

Shilika: What can the users expect to post the launch of the Bullieverse Beta game?

Srini: To be honest, quite a lot of things. However, the broader focus areas on the product side constitute launching the Bear Hunt Game, an additional three more games, launching the land and game portal auction, and finally the development of V1 of our most awaited “Snowcrash” Launch in Q1 2023. We have outlined comprehensive details on the roadmap front in our whitepaper.

The Bullieverse team is also driving its community initiatives to bring in gaming creators and developers in the ever-growing Metaverse. Surprisingly, we have also been voted as one of the best token sales across the ten launchpad rating by our community. We will soon be gearing up for the Initial DEX Offerings starting from 8th February 2022.


We are grateful for the little plugins of your valuable experiences and expertise that you have shared with us during this interview. We can’t wait to delve into the realms of Bulliverse, quite literally.

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