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We Hid Bitcoin in Washington D.C.

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“Going outside is highly overrated.”

If you’re in the Washington D.C. area, I’d like to buy you a beer. But…you’ll need to work just a little bit for it.

Last week my brother and I hid a cache of Bitcoin in No Man’s Sky. We love cryptocurrency and we love gaming, and to us, hiding some Bitcoin in a well-known game just made sense. But gaming isn’t all we enjoy.

Having lived in DC for two years now, my brother and I understand the importance of getting out in the city. So today, we took a metro ride to Eastern Market, and left some Bitcoin out for anyone to find.

Five yellow post-it notes are hidden within walking distance of the Eastern Market metro. They contain a small message and the seed to a wallet containing 0.0016 BTC (or around $10 at time of writing). If you can find our hiding place(s), you get to keep the reward. Drinks on us!

For picture-clues and hints to their locations, head on over to our subreddit r/GingersBitcoinBounty. We will keep monitoring the Bitcoin addresses to see when/if they’re cashed out.

While I’ve been wanting to do a real-life treasure hunt promoting cryptocurrency for some time, I must give credit to my friend DarrenM for inspiring me to do this today. We got DC rolling — can’t wait to see more people do this in SF and around the world! #GingersBitcoinBounty

The cool thing about Bitcoin is that it’s a transfer of value to anyone through nearly any medium. We hid it in a game. We hit it on post-it notes. These are just fun exercises, but think about all the unexplored applications Bitcoin could have! Who knows how we will be using it in the future.

Have any ideas for where we should hide Bitcoin next? Let us know in the comments, on our subreddit, or hit me up on Twitter at @PurpleSuede22! Until then, happy hunting!

Brushing up on the history of Eastern Market…

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