Ways to make team standups interesting for developers / programmers?

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Hey guys, my team conducts a standup every morning for 30 mins. Almost every day we speak about things we did and things we have to do today. It’s getting boring for everyone. Some people try escaping it by stating some lame excuse.

However, no one hates working in my company. It’s just that standups are boring. Also, my team is 90% coders/developers/programmers (whatever you want to call them).

What are the ways to make our standups interesting for developers? They are looking for tips, tricks, and software suggestions (if any).

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  • make it a 5 min standup. If it takes more time because it’s interesting, no problem there, but 30 min is a mental block before the standup has even begun
  • set a max talking time for speakers
  • have an appointed leader that can cut off side discussions that are trivial to the standup. If needed, a side discussion can be a separate standup right after for anyone that is interested, but others can then leave

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