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Ways To Increase The Conversion Rate On Landing Page

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To get the highest possible conversion rate surely have tweaked your landing page, your ads are laser targeted and your bids are competitive. All the time in which you have stayed profitable your competitors would surely be thinking and figuring out the ways to improve, enhance and build trustworthy relations with their clients that could be yours, and it all happened in front of your eyes because their impression was better than yours and we all know that the first impression is the last impression. But still, there's some time in which you could increase the conversion rate on your landing page. To make it work we first had to discuss the ways to separate the fact from fiction.

The fact is that the possible conversion rates would always come from the test of landing page instead of creating a new ad. Fiction is that landing page is difficult to test, expensive and time-consuming as well

Test Your Headlines And Value Proposition

People not only see the headline but also what is in it and according to some statistics, 2 out of 10 people continue reading further after the headline. That's why the goal and focus of your headlines should be on getting as many eyeballs as possible and your headlines should definitely look compelling to your reader.

Following are the tips to increase testing on landing pages:

  • Your main objective should be keeping it clear as clarity always outdoes persuasion which could guarantee in your conversion rate.
  • Introduce unique and new solutions to the problems your visitors are facing.
  • To test out the power of consistency you should make sure that is your headline matching with the motto of your ad. 
  • Always start things with an exclamatory style like “more conversions in less money”.
  • Frequently use words that tend to sell most like free, discover, quick, or guaranteed.
  • You can also try out humor if you believe you are funny and can attract consumers with it.

All these ideas were for the beginners who are about to start, your job is too creative and testing because each headline would result in different results. It doesn't matter that for what you are writing a blog and whether you are writing for PPC landing pages or trying to SEO the blog pages just make sure that they sound compelling and honest to make the reader want more.

Another trick is emotional marketing value headline analyzer is a kind of tool which keeps you aware of the different variations of your headline, and can even give you a percentage score, and also tells you that if your headline is more intellectual, empathetic or spiritual. It is a kind of direct proportion relation for making emotional marketing powerful you to get higher or increase the percentage.

Add Testimonials And Reviews

To prove that you are legit it’s necessary to give positive endorsements to your visitors if they are done right. To make clients word of mouth is the most powerful kind of marketing with client testimonial reviews and endorsements for proving these are the closest things.  Mostly testimonials placed by the companies are way too generic and weak which are simply not believable.

These testimonials are fake and insanely short. Testimonials should be designed in such a way that they should explain how your customers benefited because the more details there would be the most human it would sound and because of more human it would look more believable.

Word stream is given as an example which helped a consumer in overcoming their fear for marketing by showing that where exactly his advertising dollars were wasted and which areas could be profitable for him and so that’s how his business started becoming established.

Optimize Your Lead Capture Form

Lead gen is one of the finest and quickest area for your conversion rate improvement on your landing page According to many consensus and studies it had been concluded that more information you ask for more the chances for your conversion rate will become low. There was a 53% increment on the landing page test for donations with zero change in ads and zero change in bids.

They have visually made it simpler in distinguishing between the two options, either print a free pre-paid USPS label or requesting a pre-paid envelope, imagine having tons of information and you just can't remove or reduce the number of fields then you can use the power of progress bar. The progress bar is a very easy and simple solution to break up form into simple steps so that people wouldn't get overwhelmed with it.

Put Landing Page Visitors In The Isolation Tank

Isolation is one of the most common things you will see with the strong PPC landing pages. It affects this entire method of isolating the visitor where your brain feels dissonance from uncompleted tasks and you will always remember uncompleted tasks better than the completed ones.

Keeping in mind the location of your created pages is a must, and there should be only one task on it which would be easier for the visitors for focusing on and to complete the conversions.  

Test Button Color, Shape, And Size

Let's have a brief discussion about conversion psychology. The science behind the apples, amazon's button is quite secret but it still plays a vital part, while clicking any website you would always consider the button it would be the only thing you would notice at first.

Following are some things you can consider:

Color: The button on the display should musty make a contrast with the rest of the site in order to stand and stick out and never do the mistake of making the same color as the other elements of your site.  

Shape: It's good to use buttons with rounded corners instead of sharp corners because rounded corners are easier for eyes to process whereas sharp corners act as an arrow so which might not be suitable to use. 

Size: At the end of the day you realized that your button size is worth of easy testing, well you would have a fair idea of the size while noticing your conversion rates. 

Test Button Call To Action

Mostly the size,  shape, and color of your button are considered more important than CTA and it's also easy to test. By changing the form and title and by adding the relevancy and value to the buttons CTA conversion rate could be increased to about 31.54%. The best possible approach to focus on is what the value and relevance could be best for the visitor. The imprecision doesn't do to tell much to the visitor what they will be getting.

Try A Chat Tool For Your Landing Page

It could feel extremely threatening for potential customers to call someone at your company. And right on the other side of the phone, there would be a salesman like a cat who would be ready to attack. It's not just a salesman which is a problem a dreaded call answering machine can also be a cause of the problem.

But what important is that it's an easy way for our prospective clients to get the answers without having to pick up the phone and its lot faster than email and the plus point is that they don't even require your name, email, phone number or social security. We can't even tell you how many clients started their relationship with us.

Look Here (Add Directional Clues):

Directional cues are kind like finger-pointers they always try to draw your attention on whatever they are pointing. There are two types of cues explicit and implicit:

Explicit directional clues: they are like arrows that move your attention to the form or the button the site wants you to click on.  

Implicit directional cues: they are more subtle for example they are like that woman drinking a green juice out of Mason jar because all the glasses were giving kind of dirty look.

Those were the few things you need to consider before you start or let go.

  • When you make changes to site always make sure that you check one major site at a time like redesign, layout, headline, etc.  if you change too many things at once some of the things may improve which may improve your conversion rates as well
  • You should research statistical significance with at least t 95 % of the confidence level. to be one of the safe sides you should always make sure to increase the conversion rates which would only come from the changes that you would make, there may be some seasonal things which may cause the problem to you can use e a calculator to test if your results are significant or not and if they are not then you should start working on now for its betterment.



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