Wasting the time.

many people are habituated with wasting time. or maybe is it just me?

i really do have problem with managing my time. especially when it comes to doing things that supposedly be done in a few days or even hours.

i cannot focus on doing things. i attempted to resume as many articles as possible and i planned to reward myself watching two youtube videos after i completed a topic(yes i love watching youtube, some random videos or just listen to music). i open many tabs with different articles and websites. then i thought it was a good start. i reward my self and opened youtube. an hour passed. it became two. i even check my phone and taking selfies. back to my laptop. still watching youtube.

four hours passed. now i regret not doing anything. but do i started? no. still complaining about how it would all be finished if i started earlier and then having a good sleep.

i know for sometime soon, i should not let this become a habit. i know it really not good for my self, and everything. i dont even understand why i keep doing it over and over. i keep thinking that i could do anything -accomplishing my work and having entertainment-and finish at the exact time i wanted. but it all just a waste. making me work extra hard and exhausted.

so, maybe i should start doing my resume, now. maybe i’ll go to bathroom first. it’s just 10 minutes. i promise.

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