Hackernoon logoWant To Know What Orange’s New LPWAN Strategy Is? by@patburns

Want To Know What Orange’s New LPWAN Strategy Is?

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@patburnsPatrick Burns

Simple and rational:

  1. LTE Cat M1 for high power wide area networks (WAN’s) which are plugged into an AC power outlet.
  2. LoRa for battery powered WAN’s. More detail here.

Quick takes:

  • Body blow to NB-IoT, which is being dumped. Expect more defections in the EU, but not China. NB-IoT looks stillborn in N America.
  • Correctly re-positions Cat M1 as a high powered WAN technology. It should be struck from the LPWAN conversation, really.
  • Huge lift for Semtech and difficult to imagine them remaining independent now.
  • Major scalability challenges remain for developers working to overcome the myriad weaknesses of Lorawan, which serious developers should avoid.


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