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VR Bureaucracy

Feeling the pain of bureaucracy

I recently had a student organization from the Loyola University approach me and request my Virtual Reality services for one of their events. I was glad to work with them as they are a very well known and regarded institution. This engagement would help bring legitimacy to my business and would add additional revenue to my bottom line.

It was a great opportunity, or so I thought.

So began a lengthy series of emails, contracts to fill out in excruciating detail, forms to complete, people to inform, legalese to inspect, and various other bureaucratic hoops to jump through. Seriously guys, I’m not getting married here. I’m just going to show up for two hours and let you play some VR. I’ve spent hours and hours on this one engagement and it’s becoming more and more frustrating to have to face.

What’s your strategy when faced with bureaucracy in your business? Do you implement the 80/20 rule, perhaps?

Let me know in the comments below.

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