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Velo API Introduction: The Basic Things You Should Know About the Velo

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Velo is a full-stack development platform that empowers you to rapidly build, manage and deploy professional web apps.

Velo's APIs (previously Corvid) empower you to take full control of your site’s functionality. Use the APIs to interact with site elements, your site’s database content, Wix Apps, and external services. The APIs also give you access to information about your site, its users, and more.

To use the APIs, you’ll need a working knowledge of JavaScript, including ES2019 features. The APIs include lots of code examples to help you get started.

Release Notes

Check out our Release Notes to see a list of all the latest changes, updates, and additions to our API Reference.

Site Elements

Select and control your page and site elements. With these APIs you can customize styling, create animation effects, add events for visitor interactions, and add more control to enhance your site’s functionality, for example:

See Wix Editor Elements ($w) for the full list of elements you can customize.


Work with your site’s data and database collections, and perform data operations on the page and in your collections. These APIs enable you to query and edit collection data, add hooks to run code before or after interactions with your collections, filter and sort data, and more.

Users & Contacts

Work with your site’s contacts and registered users. These APIs allow you to identify the current user, log users in and out, create new contacts, send triggered emails, and more.

Site Functionality

Get information about your site, including its pages, URL, and sitemap. With these APIs you can direct the browser to a specific URL, get site details like its address and phone number, see what type of device is being used to view a page, and much more. You can also enhance your site’s SEO, search all the pages in your site, and work with the media associated with your site.

Wix App APIs

Customize Wix Apps with Velo APIs - including Stores, Bookings, Events, and Pay - to add even more features and functionality to your site. Combine APIs to create a unique app experience for your users.

External Services

Extend your site’s functionality by working with external services. Fetch resources, expose an API of your site’s functionality, integrate with external databases, work with 3rd party site monitoring, and store your private API keys for secure use in your code.

Submit to the Velo Wishlist

As you work with Velo, as great a product as it is, there's a chance you might come across something you wish we'd add to the product that we haven't gotten to - yet.

To share your ideas with us head over to the Wishlist page of the Velo site and let us know what you'd like to see added to our backlog.

There you'll not only be able to add your own items, you can also vote on other users' ideas. You can also see the status of existing items so you'll have an idea of when new features will be ready for you to use.

Our users' feedback is really important to us so please make use of this as often as you like and help us grow and improve to meet your needs.

Previously published at https://www.wix.com/velo/reference/api-overview


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