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Using a VPN To Strengthen Your Cybersecurity Posture

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@jamesmurpyJames Murphy

James Murphy is a tech guru and a blogger from New York. James mostly writes about new technologies.

Imagine you intercept somebody’s snail mail. You see who they are sending mail to, who sent it, and what it is all about. Now, imagine you intercept somebody else’s mail, but you do not see who it is from. You see what the letter is about, and maybe even see who it is going to, but you have no idea who it came from. In that case, you couldn’t use the information you read to steal that person's ID, or their bank details, or their passwords, and you couldn’t use what you find in the mail to your benefit. This is what VPN offers you. This is just part of what VPN Cybersecurity offers.

During Up Your Online Security

VPN is not the same as a piece of anti-virus software. It is more for people who want to be anonymous online. It is for people who do not want cybercriminals and big companies tracking them and/or selling their information. VPN security cannot hide what you are doing in the same way the dark web does, but different VPN services can make your online activity and online presence almost completely anonymous.

If you have good anti-viral software with a well-optimized firewall and a VPN, use good online common sense, keep up to date with current malicious/fraud trends, and keep your hardware safe, then you are pretty-much untouchable online. In short, a cybercriminal would have to go above and beyond in order to even touch your system or harvest information. It would genuinely be easier to bribe one of your members of staff (or family) to give away your passwords because getting them through technology alone would require a Chinese hacker center and a lot of hardware.

Protection From Targeted Online Fraud

Imagine a piece of mail from your bank. They give your name, the last few digits of your bank card, your real address, and they even talk about the bank loan you applied for last week. It is pretty convincing; the target link they ask you to click looks real and takes you to what looks like your real banking website.

The information they gathered in order to make that email could have come from your Facebook page, your Twitter (probably), from intercepted emails, from phishing scams, from hacks, from malware, and from untrustworthy websites and apps that have been selling your data.

Now, consider people who are using VPN cybersecurity. There is a good chance that the cybercriminals couldn't gather as much information, so the email you receive is far less convincing. There is also a chance that the criminals have your information, but they cannot target you because they are not sure who you are because you use VPN services.

VPN Stops Annoyances Becoming Dangerous

VPN allows you to use the Internet while hiding your location and your IP address. The information that is transmitted to and from your VPN server is encrypted, so hackers, snoopers, and even your Internet service provider cannot see what you are doing. They cannot see how much information you are submitting or how much data you are using (be it uploading or downloading).

If you are running a business, then targeted cyber-attacks are going to become common. These range from people trying to load parts of malware onto your system so as to get around your anti-virus software. They also include a variety of things like ransomware attacks. The use of VPN cybersecurity makes it far more difficult for cybercriminals to perform their targeted cyber-attacks.

VPN Stops Annoyances Becoming Dangerous

There are many online annoyances that may become dangerous to your systems and your online identity if they are allowed to run riot. Even things like tab nabbing can help hackers install parts of malware into your system, or may even trick you or members of your family with spam websites and dummy websites.

It doesn't just stop there. A good VPN cybersecurity service will help to stop pop-up ads, attacks from malicious websites, and phishing attempts. They may be able to restrict malicious websites from loading, which is going to save you and members of your staff or family from being scammed.

The Ever-Hallowed Kill Switch

What would make your VPN completely useless? Your VPN would become completely useless if it suddenly stopped working. It would allow people to see what you were browsing, what you were uploading, and what you were downloading. That is why the VPN kill switch was invented.

Whenever the VPN service stops, for whatever reason, your internet is disconnected. Websites are not blocked, traffic is not stopped, and instead, your entire internet is disconnected. There is no chance for malware to take hold, or for other people to see what you are doing online.

Promoting Successfully and Anonymously

It sounds weird, as there are many ways to promote your website and your business, but one of the less spoken about methods is the use of online reviews in other people's names. Let’s say that you want to post a review of your business on a review website. You can sign up using a bunch of different names and email addresses, but if the website is sophisticated, like Amazon’s website and YouTube, then they are going to know that all the reviews are coming from you, and they will not affect your promotional ranking on the website. They will know that all the reviews are coming from the same area, and maybe even from the same IP address.

You need to be anonymous so that you can leave reviews in different names and in different areas and locations. This makes the reviews look more real. It is true that some larger companies are shadow-banning certain VPN servers, but if you pick a good service, you will find servers that are not shadowbanned, meaning you can promote your website in as many unscrupulous ways as you desire.

Most importantly, you yourself, and your business, doesn't become banned or shadowbanned. Your online security is assured simply by the fact that the people doing the banning do not know you are the one doing the reviewing (and maybe even the spamming). Furthermore, if one of your competitors tries to security hack the people doing your reviews, they are going to have a hard time nailing down where the reviews came from.

Protection from being banned is not restricted to just online promotion. There are people who would have been banned from gaming services for hacking (or griefing or trolling), but the worst that happened was that their accounts were frozen. They couldn’t be banned because the gaming admins couldn't nail down their true identity, IP address, or location.

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@jamesmurpyJames Murphy

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James Murphy is a tech guru and a blogger from New York. James mostly writes about new technologies.


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