Uncle Paul told them about cloudsby@jeanhenrifabre

Uncle Paul told them about clouds

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TO finish his talk on lightning, the next morning Uncle Paul told them about clouds. The occasion, moreover, was very favorable. In one part of the sky great white clouds like mountains of cotton were piled up. The eye was delighted with the soft outlines of that celestial wadding. “You remember,” he began, “all those fogs that on damp autumn and winter mornings cover the earth with a veil of gray smoke, hide the sun, and prevent our seeing a few steps in front of us!” “Looking into the air, you could see something like fine dust of water floating,” said Claire; and Jules added: “We played hide and seek with Emile in that kind of damp smoke. We could not see each other a few steps away.”
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I was an entomologist, and author known for the lively style of my popular books on the lives of insects.

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