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Tutorials. The way to your clients ❤

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@renebrakusRene Brakus

...how to help your potential clients with their work

You’ve been working hard on your service (API, Pass, Iass, Saas,) but nevertheless you can’t seem to get a fighting chance.

Your competitors are crushing you because they can pay those expensive keywords like “setup ubuntu 14.04” or “sending text message php”.
But you find yourself isolated from the market because those 
“Our service is distributing the ____world” cheesy tag lines are not working?

What could you possibly do to get, let’s say, 14 millions views on your web page?

What if told you that a bunch of very smart people have been hacking the system in order to get over 3 million views on the writing they do about their own services.

How good do you have to be to get the attention of over a million people over a very niche keywords like “setup ubuntu 14.04”?

Tutorials, step by step tutorials.

Create unique content that actually helps your potential client save time and impress his boss and/or client.

Start explaining step by step what your service is about and get into detail how your potential clients can implement it in his environment / system.

Make it universal and applicable to different services other than your own.

Remember, that tutorial you and your team built just solved their problems and made their boss and/or client happy. 
You’ve just saved them a whole lot of time and they love you for it!

If they trust you to save their time, some of them will definitely trust you with their money.

Lots of tech companies have been using this method. 
For example digitalocean.com made over 1682 tutorials
14 of which have over 1 million views each!

Their most popular has 3.1 million views. Imagine how happy you would be if you created a blog post that attracted a 3 million views and hundreds of comments.

Associating certain phrases with your company

Keyword ranking shows what first five results are provided when searching ubuntu 14.04 setup and surprisingly the first four are digitalocean’s tutorials!

This took some serious work from the Digitalocean team.
They had to put themselves into their clients shoes and understand their everyday struggle when it comes to maintaining and configuring VPS (virtual private servers).

DigitalOcean took upon themselves to drive the community 
to help them write tutorials.

Twilio is another company that has really dedicated themselves on building tutorials to help them cross that bridge into the telco world.

Every day hundreds decide that this is the day when they’ll set up their VPS for the first time or they need to enable a new feature of sending a text message but they use Laravel and they don’t know how to do it…

Will you be their mentor or will you let someone else introduce them into this new world…it’s up to you.


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