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How to Get Your Bitcoin Cash (BCC/BCH) Right Now

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@Ericom_SoftwareDanny Miller

Danny Miller is Director of Product Marketing at Ericom Software

This is a follow up to How To Move Your Coins Out of Coinbase to Your OWN Wallet. Before starting, quickly and easily verify that you have BCC.

This tutorial will use Electrum Cash Wallet, which is an unofficial fork of Electrum and send money to a Bittrex wallet (Bittrex today opened up deposits for Bitcoin Cash).

Note: The creators of Electrum posted an important note regarding the fork that should be read here. So far, users have not reported any issues using ElectrumCash.

Step 1 — Get ElectrumCash

Download ElectrumCash for your OS

Step 2 — Import BCC Wallet

Open up ElectrumCash, and follow the dialog screens.

If you already have Electrum installed, ElectrumCash will prompt asking for the name of the wallet you used setting it up.

Or, the following three screenshots are for those who used a different wallet other than Electrum.

If you’d like, you can import that wallet and ElectronCash will automatically load. If you have your original 12 word generation seed, you can click on I already have a seed to import it that way. The original authors of Electron recommend that move your coins from your Electrum wallet to a new wallet, and then import the old wallet into ElectronCash.

If you do not have an Electron Wallet, you can input the name of your wallet (something like bcc_wallet) and then import you generation seed into ElectronCash.

After loading, you should see your BitcoinCash balances appear.

Step 3 — Get a Deposit Address from an Exchange Supporting BCC/BCH Deposits

At the time of this writing, very few exchanges are allowing BCC deposits. This will change over time, but for now I’ll show how it will be done with the U.S. exchange Bittrex. However, these steps should be similar to any exchange that supports depositing Bitcoin Cash.

Click Wallets on the top right.

Create an account and login to Bittrex.

On the top right of the list of cryptocurrencies, Search (which filters) for BCC

Hit the + icon

A pop up window will appear with your BCC Deposit Address

Step 4 — Send your Bitcoin Cash to the Deposit Address

Hit Send!

You should see it appear on your Bittrex account after some time.

Note: Until the BitcoinCash difficulty adjusts properly, confirmations may take a long time — hours possibly. Be patient and you should see the transaction go through. As of this writing, Bittrex is requiring 20 confirmations

Tips: 14mdcVKJEbBPvRHntML8mKF8bHvPvZmS6b


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