Trained by School, Yet Failing at Life by@Sergeenkov

Trained by School, Yet Failing at Life

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The modern school system is not the definition of education rather education is one of the subsets that come under the school system. Schools teach facts, inculcate discipline in a manner that stops children from questioning and kills their curiosity. Life, on the other hand, requires thinking, colouring outside the lines. Schools, instead of teaching survival skills, developing interpersonal and communication skills, teaching how to negotiate, teach children to memorize facts.

Very often schools don’t teach such skills because they think that parents should, whereas parents don’t divulge in this because of their opinion that schools are the indispensable place for learning. Amidst this blame game, it is the children whose lives and futures are at stake. Schools are deemed to be set up in a way that gives students a sense of how they’re supposed to live life. Yet at the crux of this system lacks personal growth and training, adequate financial management, emotional intelligence and curiosity. The only discipline that comes close to allowing the students to get an understanding of these areas is psychology but even that is an optional subject taught in a clinical manner and that too not before college.

Schools have become a place for workplace training and teaching children how to submit to the capitalist system rather than imparting wisdom; the concept of education in its true essence and making the learning experience as Hermann Hesse had discussed in his book Narcissus and Goldmund, lost.

The entire chain of education system prepares children for their next academic milestone rather than preparing the child for the life that exists aside from it as well. For the values that schools do teach such as perseverance, sense of responsibility, diligence, and social skills, they fail to teach children how to use them outside of the school’s environment. Such is the case for the courses that schools teach. Calculus and Shakespeare are important for children too but only if they can connect the lessons to real-life which is where schools fail. Consequently despite having numerous degrees at hand, several individuals are unemployed and several others have failed at forming relationships with friends, family and even romantically.

Lastly, in my opinion, why schools have failed their students is because they continue to teach course material that has been part of the curriculum for generations. As a result, the lack of innovation and diversity hampers the curiosity of students, dulls their minds leading to plummeting rates of individuals who would contribute to society holistically.