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TrailerCraft Builds a Website using React, Next.js and Cosmic JS

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TrailerCraft, Inc has been owned and operated by Alaskans since its inception in 1969. Today it’s one of the leading truck and transportation industry parts and sales facilities in Alaska, providing state of the art solutions for transport, handicap and recreational needs by selective affiliations with proven national franchises.

TrailerCraft needed a new website to provide information and service to its Alaskan audience, whose internet connectivity can vary wildly due to the landscape. Key needs for the new website were fast / optimized load times and dynamic content management, so TrailerCraft chose interactive agency High Point to built its zippy new React / Next.js website using Cosmic JS.

TrailerCraft’s Team Shares Feedback on Cosmic JS:

Developer: “The Imigx integration that Cosmic JS has out of the box was key to serving a beautiful, image-filled site that was well optimized. We built the site with React and Next.js server side rendering. This way the site loads fast, is SEO-compatible, and when navigating the site, only the resources needed for fallowing pages are requested, keeping load times to a strict minimum.”
Content Creator: “From a marketer’s perspective (and having a much less technical background) I really enjoy how easy it is for a novice to be able to edit and make changes on the backend. It’s a very “easy to use” system to keep our website up to date without the struggle of contacting a web development team each time we need an update.”
Developer: “The Cosmic JS API plugin for React made requesting data a breeze and the built-in hosting makes deployments and updating super quick and easy.”
“Cosmic JS allowed us to build a website and deliver content management exactly how we wanted it, specific for our needs. A breath of fresh air compared to the inevitably bloated admin panel that would have resulted if we used WordPress. The support team are total rock stars as well.”
— Brandon Reid, Lead Developer


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