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Trading Bots

What are Trading Bots in general? Are trading bots useful?

Let’s figure out these questions:

- What are Trading Bots in general?
- Three ways to get the Crypto Bot
- Can I trust a Trading Bot?
- Main types of bots
- How to get the best from using the bot?
Unlike the stock market, cryptocurrency never sleeps. So, it can be a highly stressful indicator even for the non-permanent investors in the industry. Users who familiar with crypto investment also know the feeling of waking up in the morning to be greeted by a pleasant or unpleasant surprise when they check their portfolio and see the massive profits or losses.
As a result of the volatility of the market, trading bots are becoming more and more popular among traders by allowing them to control their trading 24/7, using a non-sleeping bot, while the trader is away. Moreover, a correctly specified bot allows trades to be executed faster and more efficiently than the trader would be able to do manually.
What are Trading Bots in general?
In the virtual world, a bot is a program that is configured to perform repetitive actions. They are written in order to save a person from mechanical and monotonous work.
The bots for trading cryptocurrency are no different from their counterparts in general: they are set to mechanical trading on the exchanges according to specified parameters.
The simplest versions bots buy cryptocurrencies when the exchange rate drops and sell when they grow.
Since many people trade Bitcoin passively and, therefore, cannot devote a significant amount of time to analyzing the market, Bitcoin bots allow users to establish more effective trading without a need to stay on top of the market.
Although the cryptocurrency market is much less developed than other financial markets, the digital nature of the market means that, even though it had significantly less time to integrate algorithmic trading, the technology did not take long to keep up with its competitors.
We’ll start with a common opinion:
And that is mostly true.
There are three ways to get the Crypto-bot:write a code purchase the ready one;download for free.
And if the first two methods do not cause any doubts, then free and publicly accessible bots should be very carefully checked before filling them with your personal data.
Can I trust a Trading Bot?
Due to the popularity and rapid growth of the crypto world, the cryptocurrency market is full of “phishing” bots, which purpose is to get your data to steal your funds or your personal account completely.
The exchanges are not responsible for the safety of the user’s funds in case of hacking of your account. Also in case if you transfer your personal funds and data to any third parties.
Please, be careful about the software you use, and pay attention to the other user’s feedback. It’s important to find a reputable trading bot that’s free of coding errors and keeps downtime to a minimum.
The security of the account, in case of “stolen” information, lies on your shoulders.
Main types of bots:
trading bot is a software that interacts directly with exchanges (often using the API to obtain and interpret relevant information) and places buy or sell orders on your behalf, depending on the interpretation of market data. Bots make these decisions, tracking market price movements and reacting according to the set of predefined and pre-programmed rules. As a rule, a trading bot analyzes market actions such as volume, orders, price and time, although they can usually be programmed to your taste and preferences.
Trading bots trade within a single cryptocurrency exchange, earning income as a result of buying currencies at a low price and selling them at a higher one.
Arbitrage bots are the same trading robots, they only trade within several exchanges, earning income as a result of buying currency on the exchange, where the rate is lower, and sales on another exchange, where the rate is higher. Despite the spread between exchanges is now much smaller, they still appear from time to time, and trading robots can help users to use these differences for full. Besides, arbitrage can also be used by traders seeking to incorporate futures contracts into their trading strategies, having benefits from any differences that exist between a futures contract and its underlying asset, taking into account futures contracts that are traded on various exchanges.
Market creation — in order to implement market creation strategies, it is necessary to set limit orders for both buying and selling near the existing situation on the market. When prices fluctuate — trading bot automatically and continuously places limit orders to get profit from the spread. Despite the fact that it may be beneficial during certain periods, intense competition around this strategy may result in its being unprofitable, especially in low liquidity conditions.
So are trading bots even useful?
Trading bots work by reacting to the market. They gather the data which is needed for the trade execution based on analysis of the trading platform. But crypto trading platform can tell only the “half of the story” because many rises and falls are being based on other sources that cannot be programmed into any bot for analysis.
What should I do to get the best from using the crypto trading bot?
The main rule: coins you invest in should be chosen very carefully.
Tracking the latest developments in the market is also effective. You should pay attention to many indications of whether certain trades will succeed or fail.
Well done bots can be a tool that helps to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to market movements. They can perform transactions based on the parameters of developers or parameters set by you.
Some of them even provide the opportunity to copy more established traders and analysts — and assess their track record in full.
Do you know any else pros and cons of trading bots? Do you think they are useful? Share in comments. Thank you for reading. #incryptowetrust



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