Top Nav Ad Inventory for 2020 Sold Out, and Niche Marketing Programs Addedby@hackmarketing
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Top Nav Ad Inventory for 2020 Sold Out, and Niche Marketing Programs Added

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Cautious Optimism Visible In Companies As Countries Begin Flattening The Curve

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Cautious Optimism Visible In Companies As Countries Begin Flattening The Curve

As a child, you never knew when the ice cream truck would arrive. They didn’t have schedules. But, a few tolls of that familiar bell ringing and you’d know that the truck had entered your neighborhood.

Everything that is immeasurable on a scale, is measured using either estimates  (stock market prices), ranges (weather), or flat-out signs (arrival of seasons).

When would this pandemic end? We don’t know.

What we do know is that tech companies have decided to back in business, especially with respect to productivity and deliveries, by October-November.

How Do We Know That?

Well, we looked at signs (our sponsorship meeting requests skyrocketed. We looked at ranges (a whopping 90% of all sponsorship requests were looking for a late-October to early-November AD buys).

When those dates go sold out, a curious phenomenon was noticed.

Not only did the race to buy out all AD slots for the succeeding dates (Mid-November onwards) intensify but the preceding dates (late-October backwards) also were filled up at record pace.

The Result: Hacker Noon Billboard AD slots are now 100% filled out for the rest of the year.

Does that mean that you cannot buy AD Slots on Hacker Noon for the rest of the year?

Not really.

We created a tonne of more advertising options for tech companies to help them ensure advertisement up time during peak season.

Here’s How

ADs on Tagged Categories - is a new AD inventory that enables companies to advertise to a niche audience. For example, let’s say that your company wants to advertise its automation testing product. Hacker Noon will scour through its 27,000+ tagged pages and collate ALL related pages such as automation, API, testing, software, DevOps, monitoring, and so on.

We’re offering them on a CPC basis for the rest of the year and shall move to the standard time-dependent placement in Q1 2021. Buy your slots here.

Podcast Advertisements - Hacker Noon podcasts have now been opened up for mid-roll advertisements (20-second duration) by companies that are looking to be heard by our 15k+ audience that includes emerging tech enthusiasts, gamers, programmers, our beloved crypto-folks. Buy your slots here.

Tech Briefs - Hacker Noon newsletters have been rechristened as Tech Briefs. They now give you granular control over what stories get sent to your inbox.

At 65k+ subscribers and a 10%-16% open rates, the Hacker Noon Tech Briefs is the avenue to advertise on the Top and Bottom banner. Buy your slots here.


So, does any of the above align with your advertising requirements for Q4 2021 and beyond? Worry not if you’re undecided on what would work best for you.

You could request our media kit here or cut the line by booking a meeting with our VP of Sales, Utsav to find out:

  • what worked best for your competitors (Hacker Noon has 200+ sponsor tech companies)
  • what would work best for your unique requirements.

In the meantime, we’re working on creating more advertising vehicles to help you drive traffic to your tech product or service.

P.S. Did you know that Hacker Noon offers 3 FREE Brand As Author credits (worth $597) to publish stories with Hacker Noon. 200+ tech companies, including the likes of HerokuAmazon AWSSimilarWeb, and NordVPN. Simply set up your account, add your brand details, and you’re done.

Until next time,