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Top HR Tools to Improve Your Hiring Processes

HR software manages all essential HR processes, including new hiring applications and employee exit interviews. Organizations can choose straightforward HR software that handles routine administrative duties like vacation management, timesheet management, etc., depending on the requirements. Or they might choose software that manages crucial HR functions like hiring and performance evaluation.
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Long-held beliefs about the human resources division are beginning to shift. The workforce and tools like HR software are increasingly acknowledged for their crucial roles in generating strategic value for the business.

According to several surveys, this viewpoint and the wider application of HR software are related, which found that "lifting the perception of HR and making investments in specific methods to HR technology strategy, integration, and change management correlate up to 15% year-over-year enhancements in overall outcomes."

In this article, we will learn about HR tools and the types that can help automate and simplify HR functionalities.

What are HR tools

HR tools are a diverse variety of technical options that assist firms in efficiently managing their daily HR responsibilities. Manually carrying out HR tasks is difficult, time-consuming, and compliance-driven. HR professionals can save effort and resources and handle their workers more effectively due to the power of automation used by HR software.

HR software manages all essential HR processes, including new hiring applications and employee exit interviews. Organizations can choose straightforward HR software that handles routine administrative duties like vacation management, timesheet management, etc., depending on the requirements. Or they might choose software that manages crucial HR functions like hiring and performance evaluation.

Why are HR tools helpful

According to the principles of human capital management, most employees in a company will work with HR software at some stage in their careers. Employees utilize it to deal with various significant issues, such as time off, bonuses, payroll, and other issues that aren't immediately linked to their work but are nevertheless crucial to employee engagement.

The use of it by human resources specialists and department executives streamlines the procedure for gathering and keeping correct employee-related data and ensuring that the company complies with applicable federal and state health, safety, and employee rights.

Using HR software, managers can schedule employees for work, keep track of their performance, and assist staff members in advancing their positions and learning new skills. Reports on tax compliance, payroll and benefits expenses, and workforce analysis to forecast future costs are valued by the finance teams.

And many individuals from other departments utilize information from HR systems to enhance the employee experience in top companies.

HR software includes:

●     HRMS or HRIS functionality aids HR in the management of information and details, payroll, benefits and compensation, and HR service delivery activities, including employee self-service and the HR help desk.

●     Workforce management functions include time clocks, time off and absence management, and scheduling.

●     Talent management functions that assist HR teams in remaining on top of the organization's skills include recruitment, onboarding, career planning, performance, learning and development, pay, and succession planning.

Leading software also includes:

●     Workforce BI and analytics, IoT applications, and artificial intelligence.

HR tools types

Here are the most popular categories of software used in HR daily.


Candidate sourcing and Talent acquisition

From straightforward job boards to more complex platforms that match candidates to vacant positions and aid companies in more effective brand marketing. These technologies aid recruiters in finding the best candidates for the openings.


A well-known platform that makes it possible for businesses and organizations to discover independent contractors in a wide range of industries and for independent contractors to find work. It changed from being a straightforward job board to a potent platform that analyzes the needs of recruiters, connects people to job criteria, and offers invoicing and payment choices.


A major global job board with 250 million unique monthly users accessible in over 60 countries. It enables job seekers to construct resumes and apply for jobs in addition to job ads. Additionally, it offers certification possibilities and specializes in career counseling.


Applicant Tracking Systems

They are generally talent sourcing software that HR, recruiters, and hiring managers use to locate job prospects and follow them throughout the recruiting process. They are referred to as ATS among HR experts.

Similar to CRM platforms (customer relationship management), but with a focus on hiring.

Here are a few excellent examples.


It uses built-in candidate sourcing tools to assist recruiters in finding candidates that meet the requirements and location of open positions. These tools range from AI-powered search and advertising to job listings on more than 200 job sites.


Manatal's cloud-based platform lets you streamline your recruiting process from sourcing to onboarding and find the best applicants by utilizing its cutting-edge functionalities like AI-based candidate recommendations and social media recruitment.

Manatal was founded to decentralize the use of recruitment software. The program's full complement of recruiting CRM options enables you to easily track and manage clients. Manatal, is a comprehensive hiring software solution for businesses and agencies.


Applicant Testing and Assessment Software

By enabling recruiters to design assignments, cognitive ability tests, and job knowledge assessments, these platforms aid in selecting the best applicants throughout the hiring process.


This applicant testing system functions in two different ways. First, it assists in creating technical and coding examinations for recruiters to use in screening potential developers and software engineers. Conversely, it aids applicants in rehearsing and getting ready for exams and interviews. Additionally, it provides a mechanism for doing online or telephone technical interviews.


For IT specialists, there is yet another screening and online interviewing tool. In addition to duties in SQL, DevOps, code review, and other areas, it includes a test wizard and tools for creating manual code tests.


Video Interviewing

Video interviews are occasionally the only opportunity for recruiters and applicants to see each other due to the increase in remote cooperation. There are solutions solely focused on hiring new staff and well-known tools like Skype.


Zoom is a strong all-around video-conferencing application. It's a wonderful option for webinars, virtual conferences, and other sorts of meetings in addition to applicant interviews.


It provides pre-recorded and live video interviews, candidate monitoring, interactive hiring manager tools, and data on candidate performance. It does away with the inconvenience and effort involved in setting up interviews.


Onboarding and Offboarding Software

So you discovered the ideal applicant, who went through the hiring procedure and was hired. The moment has come to onboard them.


It is experience-driven onboarding software designed to boost recruits' engagement and passion. It aids HR managers in customizing the onboarding process for workers.


An onboarding platform emphasizes improving the employee experience, streamlining administrative tasks, and enabling HR managers to create personalized pre-boarding packages.


Employee Referral Software

To promote and reward positive referrals, many businesses design comprehensive schemes. It makes sense that platforms exist to aid with process automation.


By asking them to recommend qualified applicants for your available roles, this tool enables you to use your workers' social capital.


A specialized referral tool that aids in matching candidates with available positions based on the connections your workers have on social media. They link to the platform, quickly suggest them, watch the outcomes of the recruiting process – and reward the most active employees.


Productivity and Time Management

Several websites and apps control time, attendance, and productivity tracking. Let's review a few of them.


An employee productivity solution that reduces interruptions and allows you to work remotely with a coworker at certain hours through video conferences helps you finish tasks faster.


A software program for teams that tracks attendance data in the cloud. It has a Slack bot to measure how much time users spend in the app and add-ons like activity tracking, permissions, and roles for team members or face recognition to confirm attendance.


Employee Engagement

Fortunately, there are applications available that enable you to monitor your employees' performance and encourage them to work more.


A platform for rewarding and recognizing employee potential promotes performance management and corporate success. Employee actions that align with their genuine company goals are rewarded and recognized through a platform.


It is a tool for employee well-being that encourages physical exercise among staff members and raises awareness of mental and emotional wellbeing.

It's an excellent tool for encouraging work-life balance and enhancing employee wellbeing.

Talent management software

Talent management systems, also referred to as TMS platforms, are integrated HR tools that address the four pillars of talent management — learning and development, performance management, compensation management, and recruitment — and offer businesses strategic assistance concerning human capital.


It offers solutions for clocking in and out, such as iBeacons, QR codes, mobile applications, Slack integration, leave management systems with absence calendars and permission routines, and support for international days off.


A platform that integrates payroll, benefits, and human resources aims to create a better workplace. Among the highlights are onboarding and performance reviews, time monitoring, regular HR management tools, configurable reports, and other features.



To manage and maintain a smooth Payroll, the most common and recommended software are as follows:


A software program for small enterprises and organizations that handles accounting online. It supports a variety of devices and provides capabilities for invoicing, costs, inventory, purchase orders, and hundreds of third-party app connections.


Enova365 is a complete ERP platform that adheres to current laws. Over 14,500 businesses entrusted it with their payroll, bookkeeping, and recordkeeping.



Keeping track of all perks granted to and used by workers is time-consuming. To do this operation, we propose two software products.


It enables organizations to design benefit and incentive programs for their members. The Zestful card resembles a debit card but can only be used for the items and services you specify, such as health or fitness programs.


A fun and simple recognition scheme give employees a monthly allowance to offer little incentives to their coworkers to honor their efforts. Its simple interface clarifies all benefits and provides suggestions for the most common causes for recognition.



Every organization's success is dependent on effective communication. Here are the two most suggested tools for maintaining seamless and transparent communication across teams.


A fantastic communication platform that allows your staff to communicate, schedule video meetings, and create different subject channels. It is utilized by many businesses globally, demonstrating that it is one of the greatest communication platforms.


Guild is a messaging app; performance is critical to its success. Node works well for this sort of product, and because of its async I/O, it can handle many concurrent requests. The app helps to leverage Apollo and GraphQL and manage real-time events through the Ably platform. This configuration enables it to manage both real-time and offline support.

Room for your software

What makes a company successful?

The full power of a strong team is difficult to undervalue. That's why so many companies these days give recruiting, onboarding, and ongoing management of employees extra attention.

Being in charge of all procedures while in charge of human resources is not a simple assignment, though. Additionally, suppose your business does not provide HR managers with the necessary tools. In that case, they will undoubtedly work too hard and be underproductive, wasting resources that might be used more wisely.

Without a tailored HR management system, it becomes extremely difficult for HR managers to maintain order and centralization of all information, handle billing, and manage all company activities effectively.

Additionally, organizations lacking effective HR technologies struggle to find qualified candidates, implement employee incentive initiatives, and track employee growth. And only one specialized software will quickly put an end to all of these problems.

Without completely integrated HR solutions tailored to all business operations, it is difficult to see how a contemporary organization might operate. A custom HR solution is an answer to all that.

With a custom HR solution, you will no longer need to pay monthly fees or additional costs for ready-made services when you have just one custom software. You'll have a generally useful product that works for you and helps you avoid wasting time, money, or stress.

Additionally, automation can maximize HR managers' productivity, negating the need for extra experts or interns to assist with the day-to-day operations of your HR department.


HR has started embracing online HR management solutions to ensure they aren't wasting time on tasks that can be performed much more correctly and effectively. Tools like those we've discussed above have evolved to fulfill this demand and have added more features, offering you a wide range of possibilities.

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