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Top 6 Mobile Analytics Tools of 2020

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Data has become an increasingly important factor when it comes to the health of any app or website. Having all of your important numbers such as the number of downloads, amount of money generated from downloads and even the most recent feedback is the key to continued success.

Companies who incorporate multiple sources of customer data drastically outperform their competitors and have higher shareholder returns. All of these numbers are able to be measured through mobile analytics. With so many mobile analytics tools on the market it can be quite difficult to choose the best option for you.

What Are Mobile Analytical Tools?

Mobile analytics tools help to support the analysis of both mobile and web applications and may even compare data from different applications and platforms. Mobile web analytics provides insights on how site visitors using the app via smartphone or tablet experience the app in their browser.

App analytics for mobile applications allow developers to examine user interaction with the app and utilize them as a guide to assist with development. The number of downloads as well as retention time/app usage are key metrics for mobile app analytics. If the app monetizes directly then mobile analytics may include hard ROI.

Types of Mobile Analytical Tools

Some tools are concentrated around marketing, providing data that aids in decision making about audience segmentation or the most effective places to put in-app notifications. A majority of these tools fall into the mobile marketing software sector.

Other advertising-focused tools pay close attention to mobile and marketing attribution. Mobile attribution measurement platforms track how users find mobile or web apps and begin using them. Having the ability to identify the attribution source gives companies the ability to measure the success of ad campaigns on different platforms and websites.

Some tools are mostly focused on engagement and overlap with the usability and mobile app development sectors.

Although many mobile analytical tools mainly monitor and report online, some tools also track mobile web page or app usage as a channel. With so many analytics companies on the market, the main differentiator is companies who provide all-around analytics that include ad intelligence and ASO.

The advantage of using these products is that users can track trends in cross-channel activity within a single platform, complete market research, improve app performance and increase revenue.

Mobile Analytics Tools

  • App Annie โ€“ A huge analytical company that covers both mobile and web platforms. They offer comprehensive analytics and a high level of data accuracy. However, if youโ€™re a smaller company this may not be an option as the subscription price starts at around $25,000/year for only one country and category. This is the best option for large developers.
  • Apptopia โ€“ This tool offers market analytics, ad intelligence and ASO all in one convenient location. This comprehensive tool makes it perfect for companies looking for a range of features. With a full subscription price of $72,000/year and only average ad intelligence quality, this option may not be the best value for money.
  • Sensor Tower โ€“ With market analytics, ad intelligence and ASO in one place, this is another comprehensive option. However, this tool is a much better price than the previous option with a subscription price of about $50,000/year. A much better value for money for larger companies.
  • Apptica โ€“ This tool is a mobile ad intelligence and store analytics tool that provides mobile experts with accurate data on mobile apps and in-app advertising. Apptica provides market analytics, ad intelligence and ASO in one convenient location. It has one of the strongest ad intelligence programs with over 7 million ad creatives. This tool also offers custom features by request at a price of only $15,000/year. Probably the best value for money so far.
  • Mobile Action โ€“ As one of the most affordable options, this tool is one of the best options for smaller companies. Although the pricing is much more affordable the ad intelligence is fairly poor. This toll is also mainly focused on market analytics, so companies looking for a comprehensive option may not benefit from this option.
  • Social Peta โ€“ This tool offers ad intelligence at a fairly low cost of $35,000/year; however, it is limited in that it focuses mainly on the Chinese market.

Choosing the best mobile analytics tools for your app can be a difficult task as a new vendor enters the market daily.

Hopefully we could make the decision a little easier with our list of the best mobile analytics tools for 2020.


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