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Top 5 Spring Boot Videos

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@scottashippScott Shipp

Lead Software Engineer

1 – It’s a kind of magic

It’s a Kind of Magic: Under the Covers of Spring Boot with Brian Clozel, Stéphane Nicoll is a great video about Spring Boot from 2017.

2 – What’s New in Spring Boot 2

What’s New in Spring Boot 2.0 with Phillip Webb and Madhura Bhave covers exactly what you’d expect and nothing more!

3 – Introducing Spring Boot 2.0 Webinar

Phil Webb provides an introduction to the current version of Spring Boot in this 75 minute webinar.

4 – Test Driven Development with Spring Boot

“Ever wonder how to test a hard problem like caching or write an integration test without making an external API call?”

That’s the question that this video asks and answers. Check out Test Driven Development with Spring Boot with Sannidhi Jalukar and Madhura Bhave if that is a question you are wondering.

5 – From Zero to Hero with Spring Boot

Brian Clozel covers a lot of ground in this slightly-more-than-an-hour video about Spring Boot!

Stay Tuned!

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