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Top 5 Nonprofits (NGOs) that Accept Cryptocurrency as Donation

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@davidsmithDavid Smith

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Due to the irreversibility, transparency, and security of global transactions, cryptocurrency has become a best way to donate internationally.
Unfortunately, only a few nonprofit organisations (or NGOs) have begun accepting cryptocurrency as donation.
To help encourage individuals to give their crypto to organisations that are creating a difference within the world, here's a list of some crypto-accepting nonprofits. Note: every organisation accepts crypto to varying degrees.

1. Archive.org - Internet Archive

2. fsf.org - Free Software Foundation
Link to Donate - https://my.fsf.org/donate
4. Tuna Panda - https://tunapanda.org/

Know of a nonprofit/NGO where cryptocurrency is accepted that you'd like to add to this list?

Leave a link in the comments, and we’ll take a glance. Happy donating!


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