Top 3 tools every crypto trader needs by@TonyToreto

Top 3 tools every crypto trader needs


Crypto trading remains one of the most popular and effective ways to make money from crypto-assets. At the beginning of the year, the total volume of crypto-trading crossed the $68 billion mark and may come close to $100 billion by the end of the year. High returns on assets and accessibility to trading for almost every user attracts many traders to the market who are in search of investors. We have compiled the top 3 services that every crypto trader needs.

Trading account analysis. With the help of special analytical services, investors can track trading accounts on crypto exchanges. For example, the TradeLink platform offers a tool to analyze trading account data of individual crypto traders on various exchanges. The platform analyzes traders' trading data via a read-only API key, providing investors with an independent assessment of their portfolios' performance. Such a system provides accurate account analysis while guaranteeing the protection of traders’ personal data from unauthorized access.

TradeLink allows traders to analyze one or more crypto exchange accounts in a portfolio and conduct a detailed analysis of their trading in a personal statistics page, which includes more than 25 indicators. Also, the portfolio can be made public, this makes it convenient to show trading results to investors as proof of your professionalism.

Rating of traders. Another important tool that affects the choice of a trader and further cooperation with him is a rating system. This rating system is a list of successful traders on the largest crypto exchanges (Binance, BitMex, FTX, ByBit) with detailed information on each of them. The rating publishes information such as balance, profit, maximum drawdown, Net P/L, PnL, number of days of account tracking, open history ratio, etc. Participation in the rating helps traders to showcase their success and attract investors.

Trader's portfolio. Professional traders can compile their own portfolios on various crypto exchanges to make a large-scale statement about their successes and achievements. Users only need to link their account on the exchange to the TradeLink platform and the statistics will be displayed directly on the site. Investors will be able to access the information and make a decision about getting in business with a trader.

A complete solution for investors and traders

The rapid dynamics of the cryptocurrency market are of great interest to traders and investors, many of whom are very determined to act despite the risks involved. And one of the key factors of the crypto market is its high volatility, expressed in sharp fluctuations in asset prices

Another important risk of investing in cryptocurrency trading is the deceptive behaviour of some traders. First, they attract investors with tales of high profits and then leave them with nothing after devastating drawdowns. Moreover, it is difficult for an inexperienced investor to assess the traders' real rates of return without special knowledge and tools. The solution to these problems was the creation of TradeLink, a platform which offers a wide range of tools for tracking and analyzing trading accounts on cryptocurrencies. 

The platform offers a set of solutions that, on the one hand, help the trader to trade more safely and thereby prolong his "life" (analytics solutions, trader's diary, etc.).

On the other hand, we offer a system of gamification of trading with active cashback, which increases the trader's activity and thus increases his trading volume (the main index for any exchange market).

The gamification system includes an "Achievement System" based on trading events on the trader's account. The main advantage is that users receive real cashback (remuneration) for completing various achievements.

Such a system makes it possible to bring back even traders who have already quit trading, because the Achievement System always creates an "incomplete effect" due to the fact that not all achievements have been obtained.

Also, the gamification system includes Tournaments, which can be organized both by a sponsor (exchange, trading platform, etc.) and by community members themselves.

All this together gives a strong user motivation system for exchanges and trading platforms, which allows you to multiply the benefits received from each user, as well as make the user experience more interesting and exciting.

The main partner and investor of the TradeLink project is the algorithmic trading and investment fund QuantHill. The tools of the platform allow you to effectively track the performance of each individual trader. This information will help investors to make the right decisions and choose the most effective specialists.

«The main direction of the platform is not only the creation of tools for traders (statistics, account monitoring, trader's diary) and investors but also work with stock exchanges. Our project can offer unique technologies to increase traders' motivation and increase their "life" time. The problem for crypto exchanges right now is the high cost of client acquisition. The second problem is that this client is mostly inexperienced and his lifetime is very limited, due to the fact that he just "drains" his deposit. After that, the client is usually depressed and his return to "active trading life" may be delayed or not happen at all», - says CPO TradeLink Georgiy Brichkovskiy.

«The project is based on the desire to make the crypto trading market more transparent, honest and understandable even for novice investors. We ourselves have often encountered the fact that it is difficult to check the results of traders' trading and this makes the market dangerous for novice investors who entrust their funds to fraudsters or just non-professionals. TradeLink allows you to check any trader and his results in a convenient and simple way. And for traders, the project offers convenient tools, a large community of like-minded people, and the opportunity to compete in the rating and regular tournaments», commented Yuri Avdeev, CoFounder of TradeLink.


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