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Top 5 Freelance Marketplace to Start Your Online 小areer

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Are you trying to earn a living online?

If yes, Freelance marketplaces are the perfect option for you. However, among so many different sites, it is not easy to choose the right one. Instead of going through trial and error, a much better idea is to follow our list of top 5 free marketplaces. We have curated the list of best Freelance marketplaces that will help you find work online.

We will not only go into the details of these freelance marketplaces but also what kind of projects you can find. In a nutshell, once you go through this article, you can easily find freelance projects online.

1. Upwork

Upwork is arguably one of the biggest freelancing marketplaces online. The best aspect of this marketplace is that it has quite a few categories like:

  • Design and creative
  • Writing
  • Translation
  • Web, mobile, and software development
  • Data science and analytics
  • Engineering and architecture
  • And so on

With over 20 different categories, it is easy to find the type of projects that you are looking for. Another advantage of this marketplace is that it offers entry-level projects, long-term projects, as well as short-term projects. It is suitable for beginners and experts. So, if you're looking for a marketplace with a large number of projects spread across numerous categories, it is the one that you should go with.

Official Site :

2. Fiverr

Are you looking for a more beginner-friendly marketplace?

If yes, fiverr is the perfect option for you. The name fiverr refers to the minimum order value on the marketplace. It is $ 5. However, in the last few years, fiverr has allowed freelancers to price their services in the multiple of $ 5. So, you can make a significant amount of money when you sign up with fiverr (Check some fiverr gigs review at Fiverrreviews).

Fiverr however, is a bit unique as compared to Upwork. At Upwork, clients will be listing the projects on which the freelancers have to wait. On fiverr, freelancers will be listing their gig, and clients have to go through the reviews and the description of the same to order it. In a way, fiverr requires you to display and articulate your skills to attract clients.

Are you wondering where to start?

If yes, fiverr has quite a few learning curves that help you learn how to create your first gig and how to attract clients. Some of the categories on fiverr include:

  • Graphics and design
  • Music and audio
  • Programming and tech
  • Digital marketing
  • Writing & Translation
  • Lifestyle

These are the main categories in fiverr. There are numerous subcategories in these main categories. If your skills match any of the broad categories or the subcategories, you can earn through fiverr. The best thing about fiverr is that it is one of the fastest-growing marketplaces on the Internet. As a result, finding the right client is not a difficult task.

Official Site:

3. Freelancer is another option that you have when you are looking to find work online. It has been around for more than ten years.

The best aspect of this marketplace is that it has numerous categories ranging from the traditional freelancing categories to the newer ones. Some of these categories include:

  • Website development
  • Marketing
  • SEO
  • Ghost Writing
  • Data Entry
  • Android Apps
  • PHP
  • Java
  • Web search
  • And so on

The premise of the website is that the clients will be posting their projects. The freelancers have to bid on those projects. The client can choose the freelancer based on the bid or the experience of the freelancers. Each freelancer has a portfolio section in which clients can review their previous works and portfolio. It helps the clients choose the most experienced freelancer at an affordable price.

The USP of this Freelance marketplace is that it has clients. So, finding a suitable project is quite easy. The number of gigs available is also on the higher side, which is why this marketplace is so lucrative.

It has all kinds of projects, including one-time projects, short-term projects, and recurring projects. Hence, finding regular work is not a problem. If you have any skills that you can offer online, you shouldn't ignore this marketplace.

Official Site:

4. Peopleperhour

Do you prefer to work on a per hour basis instead?

If yes, Peopleperhour is a reliable choice for you. You can charge the clients on a per hour basis. Hence, it becomes easier for you to make a good amount of money when working with this Freelance website.

The categories on offer are:

  • Sales and marketing
  • Writing
  • Translation
  • Social media
  • Video
  • Audio
  • Web design
  • Mobile development
  • And so on

The Peopleperhour marketplace has a concept similar to fiverr. You can list the services you are willing to offer and the cost of the services. Clients can go through your offerings and portfolio that you display and then order from it. In addition to that, you can add perks to the client's order as well, which can help you earn more through these marketplaces.

Official Site:

5. 99Designs

Are you aware of a graphic designer?

If yes, the marketplace which we are going to speak about now will fit your requirements perfectly. It is the largest marketplace online for graphic design, web design, and logo design. Moreover, it is a contest based marketplace, which means that the chance to earn a significant amount of money is undoubtedly possible.

The methodology includes the client providing you with a brief regarding the type of design which they need. The designers will after that, submit their entries. The client will receive a lot of different entries that are innovative and according to the requirements of the client. The client has the liberty to choose the design which he/she thinks is the best among the various options.

Since you, as a freelancer, do not have to bid the lowest to get the project, you can make a significant amount of money for every project in which you are selected. It is the main USP of this Freelance marketplace.

Official Site:


So, your quest to find the best Freelance marketplaces ends here. When you go through these five options, you will easily find quite a few projects which you can opt for. Moreover, the number of projects on these freelance marketplaces is increasing at a rapid pace.

Hence, making money by using these marketplaces is easy.


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