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Top 5 Best Android Browsers In 2020

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Well, We all use browsers for suffering on internet. Browsers help us to retrieve data from the World Wide Web. Besides all these, we all want a safe and secure browser that will not steal our data. In this article I am gonna list some best browsers for android which are totally safe and secure.

Best Browsers for Android 2020

1. Google Chrome
The reason why I am keeping this on number one is because it is provided by one of the most trusted organization, that is Google LLC. By default it is installed in every android phone, but in case you don't have it installed, just go to play store and search for Chrome and install it. That's it, Now your phone is safe from spy's and data stealers.
  • Private Browsing.
  • Ad blocker
  • Incognito mode.
  • Night Mode. 
  • Totally safe. 
  • Lite Mode. (To save data). 
  • Offline web view. 
  • Google Translator in built. 
  • Fast Processing.
2. Opera Mini
Opera Mini is also a trusted web browser. It has all the features that you expect from a best Android web browser. It have some amazing features like Download Manager, private browsing, Ad blocker and also a very fascinating UI.  It also have a data saver mode and built in VPN which you can use to unblock the banned sites in your country.
Its amazing data saver mode helps you to save you data by compressing the videos and web pages. As a result, your web page loads faster and it saves your data. If you don't have a good data plan then you should go with Opera Mini.

  • Ad blocker. 
  • Built in VPN.
  • Data Saver Mode
  • Fascinating UI.
3. Puffin
It's also one of the best and safe browser available in the play store. Its primary focus is on the speed and safety. It also send all its data to us in encrypted form so no one can misuse it. Let me tell you that there are two versions of Puffin one is free for everyone and second version is paid one.
In free version, company forces you to always turn on location tracking. They use this data with third party company for the relevancy of ads. So if you don't want to do that, you need to purchase the paid version for US$4.99.
  • 1 GB cloud support. 
  • High speed of page loading. 
  • Cloud support of Abode flash. 
  • Comes with two versions.
4.  Duck Duck Go
Duck Duck Go is an android web browser which doesn't track user cookies, data and user identity. I will recommend DuckDuckGo if you're concerned about your privacy because whenever you open a Website or a webpage in the browser the owner of the website will receive an impression of usage and keep your data safe and private.
It's a very simple and clear browser. The reason why I am putting this on this list is because it doesn't track your data or cookies.
  • Never stories cookies . 
  • Block trackers. 
  • Safe and secure. 
  • No third party apps. 
  • Faster loading.
5. Firefox
Firefox is an open source free web browser developed by the Mozilla Corporation. It uses its own Gecko engine to load web pages faster and provide a good experience. Its packed with all the features which is required for being most secure web browser.
It also contains private browsing and offline reading mode. There is also an amazing feature which helps you to customize Firefox using different themes. You can also call it an alternative of Google Chrome. 
  • Reliable and secure. 
  • Fast and quick processing. 
  • Syncs with its desktop version. 
  • Safe and secure with modern encryption method. 
  • Shorts cuts for quick access to the pages.
There are number of web browser that you can install from the play store but if you are reading this article that simply means your are highly concerned about your privacy. I strongly recommend you to install any web browser that is listed above because they all are from trusted brands and totally secure. Now the choice is yours. 
On a serious note please do not install UC browser. It's a Chinese organization which can easily spy and steal your personal data. Recently there are many allegations on it for stealing user data without permissions. Stay safe from it.


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