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Top 5 Artificial Intelligence Certifications to Kickstart Your Career in AI by@albertchristopher

Top 5 Artificial Intelligence Certifications to Kickstart Your Career in AI

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a skill one can use for a successful career in any field. It is no longer restricted to the IT industry and professionals with non-technical backgrounds are also entering the field of AI through upskilling.

Picture this: the experts’ estimation about AI is that by 2030, the contribution of the AI market to the world’s economy will be more than USD 15$ trillion.

However, there is a huge shortage of skilled (aka certified) professionals in the field of AI. For those who wish to make their career in the field of AI, this is the right time.

Professionals who want a career in AI need to understand the importance of upskilling, and reskilling are the keys to success in the field of artificial intelligence.

While there are numerous online programs available that can help you to grasp the fundamentals of AI, the best way to get yourself skilled in the latest tools and techniques of AI is through AI certifications.

To answer the unasked question – why certification in AI, here are some of the reasons.

  1. Increase in demand: With AI certification on your portfolio, you will see a rise in your demand by various organizations seeking AI talent.
  2. Higher chances of getting interview calls: With AI certification on your resume, you will get more interview calls.
  3. AI has penetrated almost every industry: Almost every industry seeks AI talent, implying that you will have higher chances of getting a job.
  4. Increased salary: AI certification will ensure a huge spike in your salary.
  5. The career path for AI professionals is unconventional: While AI has reduced the monotonous jobs, it has also created some new jobs for the exceptionally talented.

Some of the AI roles in demand are:

  • AI Engineer or AI Developer
  • Machine learning Researcher
  • Data Analyst

These are some of the benefits of AI certification. But with numerous institutes offering certification programs in AI, how do you choose the right certification for yourself.

To ease your dilemma, we have chosen five top AI certifications from reputed institutes for you.

1. IBM AI Engineering Professional Certificate (Coursera)

One of the popular programs from IBM has been designed to instill the required tools and skills to initiate a career as an artificial intelligence engineer or machine learning engineer. The program is apt for not only current professionals but also for beginners who wish to enter the world of AI with the most in-demand skills. The program has six courses that are self-paced and offer learners a thorough understanding of both deep learning and machine learning concepts. Some of the topics that the program covers include –

  • Basic machine learning skills
  • Introduction to Neural Networks and Deep Learning
  • Building networks as well as deep learning models using Keras library
  • How to work with TensorFlow for tuning, developing, as well as deploying deep learning models.

Taking the hands-on approach with the learners, the program is designed as an intermediate-level program. The prerequisites of the program include – background in high school level math, as well as Python.

2. USAII - Certified AI Engineer

For those seeking a self-paced as well as the most powerful AI certifications in the industry, the United States Artificial Intelligence Institute (USAII™) is the best place to learn. The AI certifications, here, are curated in order to empower the professionals with the most demanding AI skills in the industry. Owing to their unmatched knowledge framework of artificial intelligence practices to not only perform data analysis but also perform autonomous data processing with unparallel business value and functionality, the AI certifications from USAII™ are the most sought-after programs.

USAII™ offers the AI certifications with three tracks that help in developing future-ready skills in AI practices, AI learning, and skills implementation in Cell Types, Supervised Deep Learning and Computer Vision Techniques, Neural Network Architectures, Generative Adversarial Networks aka GAN amid others. With the advances in technology ever-evolving, the program by USAII constantly upgrades its curriculum to stay abreast with the industry practice and needs.

3. MicroMasters® Program in Artificial Intelligence by Columbia University (edX)

The artificial intelligence certification program by Columbia University is a graduation-level program offered in association with the edX platform. The program is a rigorous one, representing about 25% of the curriculum toward a master’s level degree in Computer Science at the university.

Comprising a series of four programs, the entire curriculum serves as a base for gaining expertise in machine learning as well as artificial intelligence along with the two significant applications – computer animation and robotics. The programs include –

  • Machine Learning
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • CGI Motion and Animation
  • Robotics

Video lectures aside, the program also consists of programming assignments, quizzes, community-based discussion forums, along with peer-reviewed assignments. The program imparts an understanding of algebra at the college levels, statistics at the basic level along with a functional understanding of calculus and Python.

4. Artificial Intelligence Nanodegree Programs (Udacity)

Udacity through its School of Artificial Intelligence is providing various Nanodegree programs. Comprising of an extensive study course, which is usually presented in association with leading universities or organizations, Nanodegrees are extensive programs offered by Udacity.

If you wish to make a career in Artificial Intelligence, Nanodegrees offers you programs that are not only powerful but are also career-oriented. You can also choose the program based on your experience level – from beginners to more advanced learners. You can choose from the training programs like –

  • AI for Trading
  • Artificial Intelligence Programing with Python
  • Introduction to ML with TensorFlow
  • Computer Vision

These are a few of the programs by Udacity.

5. Introduction to TensorFlow for Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning (Coursera)

The program as the name suggests introduces the applicants to the open-source framework – TensorFlow for ML. TensorFlow is one of the best tools for implementing both deep learning and machine learning principles and algorithms. The TensorFlow program that is provided on Coursera is a part of s program called ‘TensorFlow in Practice Specialization’ offered by

The program is ideal for professionals who are into software development and have some experience with Python coding. The program is also ideal for professionals who wish to build AI-powered algorithms in TensorFlow that are scalable as well.

With this program, applicants can learn the use of TensorFlow for the implementation of principles of deep learning as well as machine learning. The result: the applicants can initiate building and applying the models that are scalable to the problems in the real world. The program consists of modules divided into four weeks and helps applicants learn the basics and become masters of TensorFlow.