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Top 20 Promising Blockchain Projects in 2020

Forbes has taken up the initiative to list 50 best projects leveraging blockchain. This year’s publication marks the second annual ‘Blockchain 50’ ranking by the magazine. Leading sectors in integration include banking, tech and automobile manufacturing. This article highlights 20 of the most promising blockchain-built innovations that might feature in the ranking this year. It is also notable that most ongoing projects have opted for Hyperledger Fabric, R3 Corda, Bitcoin, Chainlink and Ethereum blockchains.
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Blockchain tech is gradually integrating with the current industries as big corporations and startups seek solutions based on this new innovation. Forbes has since taken up the initiative to list 50 best projects leveraging blockchain; this year’s publication marks the second annual ‘Blockchain 50’ ranking by the magazine.

Prior to its fame, blockchain’s main niche was digital payments and in particular Bitcoin transactions. This has however changed in recent years given the technology’s potential in reducing costs and processing time while increasing transparency across even a number of giant industries.

According to the Blockchain 50 list by Forbes, leading sectors in integration include banking, tech and automobile manufacturing.

Tech giants like Amazon and IBM have both pioneered blockchain solutions suited for direct and indirect consumers. The former offers blockchain extension services on Amazon Web while the latter developed ‘IBM blockchain’ which is currently known for its ‘Food Trust’. It is also notable that most ongoing projects have opted for Hyperledger Fabric, R3 Corda, Bitcoin, Chainlink and Ethereum blockchains.

Given these set pacers, more blockchain-based projects have emerged to solve existing inefficiencies in today’s world. However, not all have proven to be good prospects of the Forbes Blockchain 50 list. This article highlights 20 of the most promising blockchain-built innovations that might feature in the ranking this year.

1. Bridge Coin


This digital currency is built on the Stellar blockchain and leverages smart contracts to facilitate token management and investment security. Basically, the BD token serves as a means to access Bridge Services which is in turn linked with the Forex Industry. Through this platform, stakeholders in the FX market like banks and investors can make digital currency-based payments through BD coin.

One of the main competitive advantages of Bridge Coin is its scalability owing to Stellar’s blockchain. This unique approach to FX markets as more players join the industry will not only facilitate fiat-crypto integration but also diversify investment options within cryptocurrency. It, therefore, follows that Bridge Coin might be a top project in the industry going forward.

2. Zelwin


This platform is an online marketplace that prides itself on being the first peer to peer platform where all stakeholders make money. Zelwin’s model is a loyalty reward system in which buyers are allocated ZLW tokens for every purchase made. They can choose to transfer these funds to Mastercard or Visa accounts for spending; alternatively, there is an option to save the rewards.

Zelwin has shown great potential to feature in the top 20 blockchain projects this year owing to its global market and token rewards system. As it stands, the platform offers a wide range of goods that participating buyers and sellers can trade in from anywhere in the world. Furthermore, the firm’s approach to leverage crypto coins in loyalty marketing is in line with ongoing industry shifts to create fairness.

3. Atromg8


Atromg8 is a Switzerland based blockchain innovation seeking to revolutionize security and privacy in the messaging & payments ecosystem. The project’s blockchain landscape and unique Multi-DLT are supported by ‘Innovative MixNet 5.0’. This privacy-oriented platform is built from various open sources and is fundamentally decentralized in order to facilitate real-time digital networks.

The Atromg8 network is likely to gain a good number of users in the near future as security features take lead in blockchain applications. Today’s world has also moved from a competitive one to collaborative; this blockchain network will not only help realize value in sharing ideas real-time but also in transfer of funds аnd new ways of corporations between existing networks.

4. MMCrypto


MMCrypto is one of the biggest Bitcoin & Crypto Communities. Led by Co-Founder Christopher Jaszczynski aka Chris MMCrypto they have experienced huge growth during the recent bear market. Their YouTube Channel is right now ranked worldwide within the top 5 in terms of daily average views and their private Telegram Community is among the biggest if not the biggest in the world with a combined member count of more than 18'000 people.

Community members report that what they love about MMCrypto is that they not only focus on technical analysis for the Bitcoin Price and selected Altcoins. They also include revolutionary on-chain fundamental indicators to predict Bitcoin and Altcoin Prices. Not only that this method of analysis is brand new to the world of investing it also shows incredible accuracy in regards to the predictions. 

Chris MMCrypto has been among the first people ever on YouTube to talk about that starting in the middle of the last bear market and is still the go to place on YouTube for a combination of technical and fundamental analysis. Chris himself is also known for speaking frequently as a headliner, keynote speaker and expert at a variety of international top industry conferences.

5. Platinum Q DAO Engineering


Platinum Q DAO Engineering’s main business is customized software solutions for their clients. The company leverages engineering-fundamentals to provide cost-efficient and innovative tech solutions within the development space. Notably, Platinum offers blockchain development solutions that include; DApp creation, blockchain integration and Enterprise consulting for entities looking to implement distributed ledgers within their networks.

This software-oriented firm is a likely top 20 blockchain project given it offers the most advanced tech today within its services portfolio. Some of Platinum’s prominent clients so far include Japan Airlines and electronics manufacturer, Foxconn. The company’s fortune stands an even greater chance if blockchain becomes the most sought-after technology of the decade. Regarding Anton Dziatkovskiy, CEO at Platinum Q DAO Engineering, the old question "Are you going to implement Blockchain Technology in your business" has been replaced by "Why are your databases not on the blockchain?"

6. Crypto Village Accelerator


Crypto Village Accelerator is a Blockchain project accelerator that has experienced tremendous growth in the past 6 months. It is building an ecosystem that allows the best projects to quickly raise capital and immediately enter the market. Their MISSION is to eliminate scams and allow their users to grow financially. The founder, Carlo Buonpane, works with many of the best exchanges and has participated in numerous projects in recent years.

Crypto Village Accelerator has just launched a form of Staking on its CVA token which allows a gain of up to 120% in CVA per year. A platform to invest in other large projects and a platform for real estate investments will be launched shortly to allow users to always have a diversified investment portfolio and reduce risks.

The entire ecosystem of platforms and services is expected to be completed by the end of 2020

7. X10 Agency


X10 Agency - is one of the most high rated and fast-growing crypto agencies globally. The company has proven highly successful in the crypto and blockchain promotion market and has already worked with 50+ clients. The projects that they work with are always worth to follow, including big and famous crypto exchanges, STO and IEO projects, wallets and so on.  

X10’s team consists of professionals that previously worked inside crypto projects themselves with background in marketing, PR and fundraising.

8.  Blue Hill Mining Project


Blue Hill Mining Project is a tokenized mining project offering co-ownership into an increasing number of mining exploration licenses via tokens. The ecosystem has its own Liquidity System that provides funding to continue to grow the project in an independent way. The objective of this token model is the Buyback Plan which is the final stage of the life, when the underlying value reaches $30 per BHM-Token.

9.  Bitit


Bitit is the first cryptocurrency exchange to feature on this list; the platform offers fiat-crypto trading services. Users can easily top up their accounts through a Mastercard or Visa linked account to buy crypto coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum. The platform prides itself in making crypto available through local currencies in addition to convenience and security.

This project’s focus on delivery, payment security and covering the global market are part of its competitive edges. Furthermore, Bitit has packaged its services as a one stop shop for crypto traders while maintaining a low fee and good rates.

10. Nominex


Maybe potential game-changer in crypto trading, switching it from pure exchange of tokens to BTC/USDT and back to a community-based non-stop competition. The idea strikes me for two reasons. One is market positioning: crypto exchanges are at risk threatened by Wall Street type actors. Second, smart strategy: with no hype in the air, retail crypto investors drift away slowly. But proper contests and ranking systems deliver everything they desire in this sort of activity. And Nominex guys are building something to match this need: a potentially market-leading ‘entertrading’ service.

Cryptocurrency exchange Nominex represents a mixture or ideas previously unseen in the market. They have something in common with EOS and some other recently launched exchanges, namely the hybrid token distribution model that may totally refund trading fees in te first phase of NMX token distribution, and some tips come from the ‘old school’ direct marketing. In the second phase of NMX token distribution traders split every day the same (big) amount of NMX tokens proportionally to their daily trading volumes. The daily tournaments and payout schedule deserves some attention. The referral program has no limitations, and everyone can have as many referral levels as 1 thousand or 1 million and earn 4 different types of bonuses. There are signs for future gamification implementations as well. No doubt this one is worth at least looking at and giving a test run.



ECOSC, a Malta-based company designed platform that uses Blockchain technology to embrace the oil/gas, minerals and all products for Trade with world fastest,transparent and secure Trade platform with world fastest cross border payment system(L/C), Fast confirmation for payment. It is a global, decentralized Supply Chain Management solution on top of blockchain; that aligns stakeholders, vendors and buyers around the strategic management of supply and demand outcomes, with a widely acceptable crypto currency assets.

12. Sudan Gold Coin


This crypto coin will be backed by real gold; the firm’s goal is to offer a decentralized avenue where users can own and trade gold through tokenization. It further uses smart contract technology to register and create new agreements as to the ownership of gold within the network’s ecosystem. The Sudan Gold Coin (SGC) will be the metal-backed tokens in which users can derive the value of their gold or other precious minerals.

The platform is established as a reliable, decentralized exchange network whose credibility is verifiable through stakeholders like Sudan’s government. With this innovation, interested gold buyers can instead own a small amount in their digital wallets as opposed to the hustle of acquiring it in its physical state. SGC’s pegging to a stable asset like gold also makes it more attractive than most volatile blockchain and crypto projects.

13.  Blockchain Foundry


As of press date, blockchain’s application in modern-day industries is lower than most enthusiasts would have anticipated. Blockchain Foundry has positioned itself as a consulting firm in this space providing integration and development services for prospective clients. This firm targets governments, enterprises in need of customized blockchain solutions.

The Blockchain Foundry service packaging might just be its success ticket. For now, the demand for its product is larger than its market supply. If implemented with tact, Blockchain Foundry stands a good chance of capitalizing on a first-mover advantage.

14. Coinstelegram


Coinstelegram group is a crypto services provider with a particular interest in English & Russian news coverage. Apart from regular news updates, Coinstelegram offers a summary trading analysis of the top ranking crypto projects. This is delivered in a well-organized manner with third party data from CoinMarketCap crypto exchange. 

Coinstelegram also runs a crypto fund as part of its portfolio focusing on crypto assets, blockchain-oriented projects and digital tokens. Some of its popular blockchain investments so far include Perlin, Tron, Sparkster, Genesis Vision and Ethereum.  

The Coinstelegram market niche in news coverage and crypto driven investment funds is one to look out for this year. As it stands, a court in Australia has already recognized Bitcoin as an investment vehicle while Germany’s regulator, BaFin, classified crypto assets as financial instruments. Coinstelegram’s partners within the crypto industry, investments and the media are also set to accelerate the company’s growth.

15.  OAAM


OAAM is a team of experts with over 20 years of experience in business consulting in the field of strategy and marketing. Since 2016 OAAM has been specializing in providing services related to the implementation of blockchain and new technology

in startups, In-depth knowledge of tokenization and the IEO, ICO and STO systems allows the company to advise clients on a daily basis regarding how to best finance new projects. 

OAAM is providing following services: consulting, whitepaper preparation, graphic part, smart contract and token, listing and IEO or STO on exchanges, marketing and advertising campaign, social media management, crowdfunding with support of international advisors.

16.  CryptoCompare


Just like Coinfirm, CryptoCompare provides an analysis of cryptocurrency data. Users can get live crypto price comparisons on this platform amongst other particulars like traded volumes and market capitalization. Furthermore, the website also shows the percentage of variations in prices over different time periods; daily and weekly.

As more users join the crypto industry, it becomes more liquid to give signals by the second. CryptoCompare’s live price updates are not only valuable to frequent traders but also the larger digital currency market including speculators.

17.  Cryptwerk


Despite the rise of cryptocurrencies, only a few outlets across the world have recognized digital currency as a payment for goods or services. Cryptwerk operates as an online directory to guide interested clients to these Bitcoin, Ether, Dash, Bitcoin Cash or Monero accepting shops. Users can register on the platform for free and avoid banks or exchanges by simply searching on Cryptwerk which businesses have embraced digital currencies.

The information gap between buyers and sellers looking to use crypto coins has been one of the challenges to adoption. Cryptwerk’s strategy and product bridges this gap efficiently with a nice summary of stakeholders deep in the crypto market. This type of statistical and information analysis is definitely a good niche to propel the ‘online directory’ for cryptocurrencies into the Forbes Blockchain 50.

18.  Tierion


Tierion implements blockchain's solution as immutable proof for recorded data. The firm uses 'chainpoint' technology to anchor and allocate a timestamp for data on a distributed ledger. It has since proven to be instrumental in document timestamping, IoT data integrity, regulatory compliance and blockchain verifiable credentials.

Dell is among the tech giants that have integrated with chainpoint for data anchoring services. Boomi, a unified platform for data management, API and cloud-based integration, built by Dell now leverages this service for keeping data records on a blockchain.

19.  Bitt


Bitt is a FinTech company using blockchain to facilitate P2P payments through its mobile app and other softwares. This platform targets financial institutions, central banks, merchants and consumers globally. As a result, Bitt is AML/KYC compliant based on the country of operation.

Notable milestones by this project include participating in a sandbox that helped form the first FinTech legislation in Carribean. Most recently, Bitt signed a contract with the Central Bank of Barbados which will see the first CBDC coin piloted on a blockchain.

20.  Stox


Last but not least is Stox, this project is based on the Ethereum blockchain network and serves the prediction market in crypto. The platform runs on its native token as the wage for event predictions, payment of fees and staking collateral. 

Users basically guess prospective outcomes in weather, politics, sports and even Finance. Based on the current trends in fields like betting, this is a hot market despite the volatility in crypto combined with a low probability of making correct predictions.


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