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Top 15 Ideas for React Apps that Web Devs Can Build in 2022 by@katrinblanchare

Top 15 Ideas for React Apps that Web Devs Can Build in 2022

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Quick Intro

The best way to learn ReactJS is certainly through direct practice. If you’re convinced that ideas that have not been executed cost anything, then feel free to browse our list of React app ideas and finally put them to the test.

Why React

There are numerous questions asked in Google like: Is React still in demand? Is React still popular?  The answer is YES. US multinational giants like Netflix, eBay, Bloomberg and dozens of other use React library for their websites and web apps as well.

The motivation to create your own React app can be just any. You practice your coding and gain experience; you create something meaningful for your web developer portfolio; you make a CRUD app just from scratch, and it remains fully yours, and it is always pleasing to do something on your own.


Check the graph of downloads of popular frameworks by npm trends. The statistics speak for themselves and you will scarcely find a better technology for building web and mobile applications user interfaces. React remains the leading technology for building SPAs, and is trusted by thousands of great enterprises as well as by small fledgling and burgeoning businesses.

  • React is a library with already existing code;
  • React helps to simplify the web application building process making it scalable and consistent;
  • React was invented and currently maintained by the best developers in the world, the team which developed Facebook;
  • React is about JSX, that is a JavaScript syntax, and that means that if you have first-hand knowledge of the ubiquitous JavaScript, you won’t have any problems creating your React app.

So, let me show you which applications could be a nice catch for you to develop in future.

Top 15 Project Ideas for Web Apps to Build on ReactJS

1. Social Media App

Yes, you may be confused by this point, because the market is overwhelmed with a range of popular social platforms, and there are enough leaders like YouTube, Instagram, TikTok or Twitter, though who knows, every day we see new trends and newcomers e.g. everyone noticed the short burst of popularity of Clubhouse, and its quite abrupt passing away. So, you can build your prototype of Instagram, Twitter, or Tumbler with the help of React. Socials are the place where we catch and spread emotions online and the power of visuals are priceless. So Be sure to create a catchy and memorable UI design to capture your users’ attention.

2. eCommerce App

Ecommerce app development is a clear step to establishing your business CMS. And probably Reactjs will become that widely spread technology to build your high performing eCommerce platform, and optimize development time and cost as well. Thanks to React performance and flexibility you can build any kind of modern app with the functionality of shopping cart software, just like Shopify, AliExpress or Amazon. Use Flatlogic eCommerce template with the ready admin panel, frontend and backend for your online store.

3. Productivity App

Best productivity app can be also built with the help of ReactJS. Regarding some examples, it can be another Calendly, Todoist, or Asana. From browser plugins to different services that help you maintain relationships, productivity apps assist with various types of tasks. Productivity applications help you to perform better, organize and monitor your daily tasks or activities, keep some records or daily notes, and so on. All of them have various goals and corresponding helpful functionalities, for instance, calories tracker, distraction trackers, or reminder apps. From browser plugins to different services that help you maintain important relationships, productivity apps do it all.

4. Entertainment App

Entertainment applications are probably one of the most popular applications. This is all about music, video, games, or any media platforms or streaming services. There are well-known social media platforms like YouTube, Spotify, and Medium. Entertainment applications are probably one of the most popular applications. This is all about music, video, games, or any media platforms or streaming services. There are well-known social media platforms like YouTube, Spotify, and Medium. With React you can build some simple logic game, kinda Tetris, or aim to make something more, like a Netflix clone. Then you will certainly need npm package react-player for playing media; Gatbsy or NextJS; Firebase for storage functions and data manipulations; and Typesense for enabling search option by name whether it’s a movie, track, etc.

5. Blog

Creating a simple CMS for blogging is another way to implement React technology in the way it should be. React is just an option for a service like Wix. By default, you can try to build your store with, but the faster way is to build your content management platform using any web app builder.

The list of features for a blog on React will be just like the majority of blog platforms have. It is a sort of hierarchical system of relations. For instance, firstly you build the components to display the publication, then you build a component to display to organize them as a grid; then add the upload an image functionality and a way to edit and publish a post, etc. Various add-on like upvotes, reactions, comments, views displayed may become the next level options.

6. Dating App

The US dating App Market shows that Tinder is still the most popular dating app in the USA. More than 7.8 million people choose Tinder monthly, and the majority of them are between 21 and 44 age. Yes, the idea of creating your own dating app seems quite challenging and maybe overly ambitious, but you can start with creating your own CMS for an app like Tinder. On the flip side, with the same approach, you can build a Tinder for pets. :) The main features of any dating app will become profile set-up and profile verification, geolocation, matching/unmatching option, push notifications, and again chatting.


7. Chat / Instant Messaging App

Among other React project ideas, you may want to build a chat application. Any messaging app is a kind of chat application with a sender and a receiver. However, you can also build either a video chat app or any other live chat. The first chat application that came to our mind is ChatRoulette, and its frontend also was built with the help of Reactjs. You might also remember Facebook Messenger or well known in the IT world and the world of software developers, Slack. Here you can have a glance at our ultimate step-by-step guide on how to build a chat app with React.

8. Books Application

Just like goodreads, an American cataloging website for book lovers, you can create an app for managing your reading flow. What is a standard book app? It is like a catalogue/library, or a CMS if you want, with a list of books, which you have in the currently-reading tab; to-read tab, and already read; and a search bar.

9. Expense tracking application / Money Tracker

You must have heard about Quickbooks or Expensify. The last one is probably the most popular because it has a wider audience, and is not just another budget tracker or a tool for bookkeepers, but a powerful system for recording and managing your finances. This type of app is usually aimed more at resolving business issues, like real-time reporting, invoicing and so on, though you may choose to build your own, simplified version of the budget tracker on React.

10. Fitness App / Workout Tracker

Just like the other applications, fitness applications help to track your sports activity during the day. Sports app provide us with the data that we add to the app, reporting on the number of running distance, sport streaming events with winning odds and score, or betting app, whatever.

Track your daily sports achievements via an app like a fitness tracker or workout tracker that can be easily built with React, Firebase and, for instance, Google Material UI components. A detailed how-to guide you can find on logrocket. The principle and the basic steps of building a sports app are just the same: project setting up; building authentication and authorization; creating a custom calendar; adding a database and running in production deployment.

11. Language Learning App

Language is power and knowing a foreign language will help to get hired and boost your career. and Create your best language-learning app with React, CSS and Typescript for declaring data type of variables. You can start with the basic word insertion exercise or matching terms exercise, where you will need drag and drop elements.

12. To Do App

ToDo app is a nice idea for a React project for those who started their programming journey relatively recently. You can do without side libraries like Redux or MobX. As the topic implies, we are going to build a To-Do application with React. Do not expect any surprises such as managing a state with a state management library like Flux or Redux. I promise it will strictly be React. Maybe in the following articles, we can employ something like Redux but we want to focus on React and make sure everybody is good with React itself.

13. Music App

Just one more Dezeer or Spotify can become your next React project for your portfolio. For instance, It can become a NextJS app with Firebase Cloud for a library, Firestore database for making hierarchical data structures, and let’s take Lucidworks or Algolia for providing search feature. Btw, digitalocean shares an in-depth tutorial on how to make a music player with React and Electron.

14. Sleeping Tracker App

A sleep habit tracker is a good and simple idea to build on React. The idea is in tracking your sleep time, wake up time, and exact sleep duration. Users can add, edit, or remove any sleep entries. You might need React, HTML and CSS for the front end part, Java, C#, or even Node.JS for backend, PostgreSQL or MySQL for the database.

15. Quiz Application

Quiz app on ReactJS is one more simple idea for your next project. This kind of app will not cost you a fortune, but building any quizlet requires your knowledge of TypeScript, useState hooks, React components, and so on. An in-detailed guide on how to make a quiz you can find on PluralSight. However, before diving into the development process, take a quiz with the top 20 React questions and test your basic theory knowledge just to know the level of your training.

How to Make an Admin Panel/CMS for Your Entities with Flatlogic

We don’t need to go far for React app ideas, beginners and advanced coders can just start with the Flatlogic platform.

With the help of Flatlogic, you can create any type of application skeleton. For example, it may become your E-commerce platform, CRM, reporting app or a booking store. The generated application is a foundation for further development with data management, user authentication, and a structure.

Choose the technologies for the frontend and the backend parts, then move to the design stage of your app UI, set up the database with a number of entities you need, and finally tap to build your app. After deployment, you’ll be able to download the source code, edit and improve it.


These are just some of React projects that could be developed with React in 2022. These app ideas are good both for beginners and for experienced developers.