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Top 10 NFT Marketplace Development Companies for 2022

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As the NFT sector expands, entrepreneurs have a choice to make. Especially if they plan to enter the NFT space.

If they want to offer their customers an NFT marketplace, they need to approach the right developer companies.

Confused about which company to choose?

This blog will guide you through choosing the best & most reliable NFT marketplace development company for your specific needs.

Below are the top 10 NFT marketplace development companies of 2022. Read on!



INORU is an outstanding NFT marketplace development company. It specializes in offering a top-of-the-line NFT marketplace.

They have the experience of working in different kinds of marketplaces which makes them versatile. For example, they have NFT marketplace options which cater to music, arts, and many similar other choices.

The marketplaces are also available at a reasonable price. Undoubtedly, anyone could deploy the marketplace within a shorter period of time.

Furthermore, this company offers a 360-degree range of services. It includes the following.

  • NFT Development Services
  • NFT Marketing Services
  • NFT Marketplace Development
  • NFT Music Marketplace Development
  • NFT Collectible Marketing Services, and many others.

Blockchain App Factory


The Blockchain App Factory is a leading NFT marketplace development enterprise that seems to be a pioneer in this sector.

They aim to provide innovative solutions and unique ideas needed to implement the NFT marketplace, apt for the clients.ย 



Appdupe is a firm specializing in providing the NFT marketplace development solutions at an affordable price. They offer the solution within a fast turnaround without compromising its quality.

They meet unique client needs and lead the way for global reach. They work in several niches like arts, music, and various other domains in the NFT world. They also have a solid reputation.



TurnkeyTown is a reliable NFT development firm. They are customer-oriented and are keen on providing the NFT marketplace that suits client requirements.ย 

Just like Inoru, TurnkeyTown focuses on offering a wide range of services. Diversified NFT marketplace development services include the following.

  • NFT for arts
  • NFT for music
  • NFT for games
  • Photography
  • Digital collectibles
  • Other domains

Infinite Block Tech


Infinite Block Tech, is a firm that helps entrepreneurs and business owners enter the NFT space by deploying the NFT marketplace.

The company offers user-friendly interfaces along with solid security measures for transactions.

The team focuses on delivering the solution suitable for the individuals and also comes with suggestions to make your marketplace more profitable.



Leewayhertz is an NFT marketplace development company.

They have pre-packaged solutions with the incorporation of superior features.

This ready-to-launch solution will empower entrepreneurs and business people to deploy their NFT marketplace instantly.

Antier Solution


Antier Solution is a provider of NFT marketplace solutions.

The transparency in the development process and customer-centric approach is what makes the company more trustworthy and preferable for business owners.



TokyoTechie is an Indian-based company or provider providing solutions for Blockchain and cryptocurrency.

They are renowned for their professional service with the deliverance of quality solutions. Their pre-made solutions assist aspiring entrepreneurs in leaping into the sphere of the NFT world with the deployment of their own NFT marketplace.



Askgalore aims to give the perfect blend of services and distinctive products to make clients stand out from others in the competitive & ever-changing environment.ย ย ย 



Lightrains Technolabs is one of the leading Indian-based companies, bringing solutions for businessess.

Final words

The rising hype of NFTs is paving the way for the emergence of NFT marketplaces, a medium in which the trading of NFTs takes place.

The present situation is that the NFT sector is filled with several NFT marketplaces.

On a surprising note, the NFT sector also brings a wide-open space for business opportunities since entrepreneurs could come up with their own NFT marketplace.

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