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Top 10 Field Service Management Software for Small & Mid Sized Businesses

by Avee MittalNovember 10th, 2020
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Top 10 Field Service Management Software for Small & Mid Sized Businesses. FieldCircle, FieldAware, ServiceMax and Workiz are the top 10 FSM apps for small and mid-sized businesses. Software with sophisticated automation and analytics capabilities can enable the companies to automate their most crucial yet repetitive and error-prone tasks thus leading to increased efficiency, performance, and revenue. The software is purpose-built to enable asset-centric companies to improve machine uptime, provide remote service, and enhance technician productivity.

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No business is untouched today by technology; so is the case with the field service industry. Technology companies have introduced some advanced software solutions that effectively resolve the most simple and complex problems of the field service industry.

Most of these problems arise due to manual methods for planning, scheduling, invoicing, inventory management, and payments. Software with sophisticated automation and analytics capabilities can enable the companies to automate their most crucial yet repetitive and error-prone tasks thus leading to increased efficiency, performance, and revenue.

Since every field service management software claims to have unique features and functionality, often it becomes difficult for the companies, especially small and mid-sized businesses to select the right software for their problems. To help them make a fair assessment, here is the list of top 10 field service management (FSM) apps along with their key benefits and functions.

1. ServiceMax Core

Although the list largely focuses on FSM applications for small businesses, no such list is complete without ServiceMax. ServiceMax has also been named as the leader in the 2020 Gartner Magic Quadrant for field service management. The software is purpose-built to enable asset-centric companies to improve machine uptime, provide remote service, and enhance technician productivity.


Scheduling & Dispatch: Empower scheduling manager with powerful capabilities to send notifications, manage shifts, schedule projects, and manage crew with just one click.

Mobile Field Service: ServiceMax mobile app enables on-site technicians to view and share information about work order, location, routing, and task assigned for maintenance. Claims to improve technician productivity by up to 23%. Easily configurations enable seamless access to IoT diagnostics, checklists, parts search, and more.

Proactive Maintenance and IoT: Exclusive features for companies following proactive service models. It enables them to operate on real-time equipment data which can be integrated to performance and configuration data for better decision-making.

From contractor management to field service analytics, ServiceMax is loaded with every possible feature that you can possibly think of to improve your productivity.

2. Workiz

Workiz holds the second position in our list not because it is exceptionally advanced but because it is exceptionally advantageous. The software has every feature that you need to run your field service business smoothly, effectively, and profitably. Founded in 2015 by Saar Kohanovitch, this North-American company is growing by leaps and bounds in its mission to improve the service sector companies.


Scheduling and dispatching: It has easy-to-use drag-and-drop calendar for scheduling field service technicians. You can easily assign jobs to the technicians and then send them alerts and notifications via. text messages.

Workiz Service Phone: This is an interesting feature that allows field service technicians to manage and answer all job calls from one platform.

Job Management: It enables the users to manage job statuses, seeing what is to be completed and what has been completed.

3. FieldAware

Again a company that has managed a space in the Gartner 2020 Gartner Magic Quadrant for field service management. The software is the excellent choice for asset-intensive field service management companies, although it has a track record of serving more than 95 industries. This field service software-as-a-service (SaaS) company was established almost a decade ago in 2011, and is successfully providing next-level experience to its customers.


Open API: FieldAware’s Open API enables you to use the software without disrupting your existing infrastructure. The software effectively communicates with other web based products, allowing bidirectional transfer of data and automation.

Mobile App: Its mobile application designed for field service technicians effectively connects them with the executives in the office. Using the app, they can share the information in real-time, use and access forms, and gain information from an integrated knowledge management system.

Asset Management: The software allows businesses to keep a tab on the critical assets, schedule and dispatch technicians for maintenance, and provide insights to take actionable measures.

FieldAware also has a customer portal where customers can request work and view the details of the tasks performed at their location.

4. FieldCircle

FieldCircle is exactly what you need to reduce the cost of field service operations and increase productivity and profitability. It has an easy to use interface backed by powerful data analytics tools that let you see where your field service operations stand anytime, anywhere. Founded in 2019, this Texas based company is serving residential and commercial plumbing, cleaning, electrical and HVAC field service businesses.


Scheduling & Dispatch: Its automated scheduling and dispatch feature will make life easier for your field service technicians. The software enables the office executive to assign and schedule tasks for on-site technicians in real-time.

Route Planning and Tracking: Integrated with GIS capabilities, FieldCircle enables managers to plan and optimize the routes taken by the technicians so that they save time and money, and feel less frustrated.

Work Order Management: View, track and manage every work order status from a single dashboard, take relevant action, check the data to reduce service resolution turnaround time.

FieldCircle is an affordable solution with easy configurations. It can be integrated with your existing ERP, CRM and accounting systems.

5. ServiceTitan

The company materialized the idea of improving the service delivery process with digital technology a lot before others could only think of. ServiceTitan was established in 2007 with a visionary approach to transform field service operations with an all-in-one software solution. It is designed to run your day-to-day operations smoothly and equip your technicians with powerful tools to increase efficiency and productivity.


Phone Integration: ServiceTitan phone integration quickly populates the customer information as the CSRs pick the call, enabling them to ask the right questions, record calls, and provide a personalized experience.

Scheduling and Dispatch: The feature connects the office executives from technicians in the field. You can schedule jobs of weeks and months in advance, categorize upcoming jobs, see the job cycle of technicians, and pick the right tech for the right job.

Reporting: Get unprecedented data insight, view and monitor trends by day, week, and months, and create technician scorecards to monitor performance.

ServiceTitan is an excellent one-in-all software solution for all your field service and sales requirements.

6. FieldPoint

FieldPoint is optimized for enterprise and mid sized businesses. The company has more than 25 years of experience in building software solutions for field service-focused organizations. The software is powered by highly advanced analytics and business intelligence tools to create reports to quantify your business success. It helps companies run leaner, smarter, and better.


Work Order Management: From entry of the work order to closure, view, track, and monitor complete information in real-time. The software can be easily integrated to ERP and other systems to provide a seamless experience.

Subcontractor Management: The feature allows you to manage subcontractors or third-party vendors. You can track third-party vendor activities, submit work orders to them, accept bids, on-board subcontractors, and monitor their movement in real-time.

IoT Trigger Automated Action: Allows you to integrate your customers’ equipment with the software to have work orders generated automatically and deliver proactive maintenance services.

FieldPoint offers both cloud hosting and on-premise hosting services depending on your requirements.

7. FieldEdge

The next thing you know when you are using FieldEdge software is your field service operations are streamlined, worker productivity is optimized and you are managing business profitably. This simple yet powerful system connects on-field technicians to office executives. The software majorly caters to field service focused asset-intensive industries such as HVAC, electrician, plumbing, and locksmith.


Smart Dispatch Dashboard: It has a smart dispatch dashboard that allows you to view assigned, unassigned, and completed tasks. You can also see the location of the technician in real-time to intelligently schedule and route them.

Performance Dashboard: The performance dashboard provides you data insight such as actual vs. potential sales, average ticket value, upcoming and expiring service agreements, and marketing probability.

Customer Management: Its customer management functions make it easier for you to provide world-class customer experience. It offers at-a-glance information about customers, from the quotes made by you to payments made by them, equipment used by the customers, and jobs done by your technicians to get them right.

FieldEdge provides seamless, live integration with QuickBooks means as your team sends an invoice, you can find it in the system.

8. Zinier

With Zinier, you get a set of flexible platforms and intuitive tools to solve your biggest field service management challenges. Its Artificial Intelligence and machine learning tools enable you to lay a strong foundation of a robust and resilient field service team. You can set custom criteria for AI-driven automations to manage your operations, ensure compliance, respond to change, and get insight.


Mobile Field Service: Well-designed mobile workflows allows business leaders to standardize task execution and auto-capture technician data. Modify workflows as and when needed and deploy changes across all the workflows.

Back Office Operations: Automate all the repetitive back-office tasks, get 360 degree view of field service team and equipment, identify trends over time, receive alerts based on custom-triggers.

Inventory and asset management: Monitor performance of complete asset installations and comprehensive asset log, and spare parts log to track and monitor inventory down to the warehouse, depot, and truck level.

Well, this one is a bit off topic, because it technically serves top-notch customers in the market such as Capgemini, Tech Mahindra, AWS, and more.

But it made up in this list because of its advanced AI capabilities, something eventually most of the software solutions in our list will follow.

9. ServicePower

Again a field service management software that made it to the list of 2020 Gartner Magic Quadrant. ServicePower software is an easy to use tool to enable field service-focused companies to transform their operations and improve customer experiences. The entire software suite is categorized into different workforce types such as internal, third-party, and blended to meet the specific requirements of the organizations.


Customer Portal: It allows customers to check service workflows, self-schedule in real-time, and access relevant information anytime, anywhere. Its customer engagement capabilities include white labeling, branding, and theming, full-self service from any device, real-time technician communication, and location alerts and notifications.

Intelligent Workforce Management: Optimize field service workflows with access to real-time data and insights. Its dynamic rules engine allows managers to define, add, remove, and adjust service delivery on-the-fly. Both technicians and customers can intelligently manage jobs, and get reports to see the performance levels.

Third-party Claims and Dispatch: The ServiceDISPATCH feature automatically assigns tasks to technicians based on their skills and accommodates changes in the requirements. Create criteria for scheduling and get real-time visibility of the third-party contractors to minimize turnaround times.

Along with these, you get seamless end to end integration with onboarding and scheduling.

10. Service Fusion

Service Fusion is easy, advanced, and cost-effective. It is a one-in-all software solution that helps you manage your business from anywhere. It automates repetitive tasks from the processes, ensures to connect your on-field technicians with office executives and customers at the right time, and helps you prioritize opportunities to increase sales. From easy scheduling to online invoicing and payments, Service Fusion has everything you need to keep your business up and running.


VoIP and AI,®: You can track where most of your business is coming from and make investment decisions to improve customer experience. Besides, you can set and track metrics for the calls to be followed by the CSRs and determine the quality and performance of your reps.

GPS Fleet Tracking: You can track your fleet and remote workforce to save money on wear and tear and increase workers productivity.

Payment Platform: Provide unified experience to your customers with transparent pricing and accountability. You can accept credit cards and ACH payments using Service Fusion software and mobile app.

The Next Step Forward

Now that you have the list of top 10 field service management software, pick the one that meets most of your business requirements, instead of just going after attractive features.

It is possible that the software that fits your budget and business requirements does not have extraordinary features.

Full Disclosure: The author of this work is an employee of FieldCircle.