Tool up your API integration testing with OpenAPI by@kloudless

Tool up your API integration testing with OpenAPI

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APIs have become the adhesive that holds the modern web together, reflecting the changing nature of web apps. 

The modern web application is no longer a self-contained hub for the distribution of its own data. Once repositories of their own unique resources, web apps have become a mesh of internal and external data and other information, all carefully intertwined and relying on one another to fulfill their purposes.

Applications, both software and hardware, increasingly rely on external APIs to pipe data into their own APIs before being referenced, mutated, or checked against, ultimately providing the application’s users with what they seek.

As a result, uniformity in how APIs operate and what they return has become an increasingly important goal for engineers who build and maintain the APIs. And with the number of APIs available increasing daily, a set of industry-wide standards has become necessary.

This has led to the creation and widespread acceptance of an API description format for RESTful APIs, known as the OpenAPI Specification.

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