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Too Good To Be True: These Free Fonts come with a Commercial License

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Low budget or no budget? Go with these fonts. They are free and come with a commercial license. Do you need a third?

Previously, I talked (read: rant) a lot about buying font packs with complete licenses. At the end of the day, you end up paying only a few cents for each font. But even if that looks out of your reach, I have these 26 beautiful fonts with commercial licenses and complete font families.

*In no particular order:

26. One Day

One Day is a slim uppercase typeface designed by Nawras Moneer. It is fresh, modern, simple — it’s not too serious and has just the right amount of class.

25. Casual

This font deceives you with its simplicity. Once you start using it, you will begin to see all the details each letter comes with. Pelin Maravent and Gülsah Cansever are the designers behind this casual font.

24. Dpopper

This cute-cute font with a comic 3D look is designed by Iordanis Passas. Sky is the limit with this font, like literally.

23. Facunda

Here is another 3D font with a dark details. It comes with five different styles. Facunda is a tall, dark edged, sans serif font designed by Bu.

22. Alcubierre

If I had to use one font all my life, I would go with Alcubierre by Matt Ellis. Its thin, straight, geometric but not harsh, sleek but not too sharp, its minimalist look can go a long way depending on how you use it.

21. Amada

This font, designed by Edu Oliveira, has a story behind it. The designer was inspired by the lettering on a wall in the streets of Limoeiro, his hometown. This no-nonsense font can be used a number of ways!

20. Athene

The classic-classic serif font which is amazingly easy to pair, Athene, comes with accents, numbers, and absolutely adorable lowercase style. The clean, geometric look goes perfect with minimalist, even corporate, designs.

19. Atifa

It is an all-caps serif font with handwritten feel. The detailing is absolutely spot on. You can see the ink getting thicker and thinner with the pressure of the hand in different letters. Love the inconsistency!

18. Besom

Besom is created by KRISIJANIS MEZULIS & Gatis Vilaks. It’s a handwritten brush font with a quite nostalgic vibe. It just goes with all the polaroid-pictures, 90’s vibe theme you have in mind.

17. Blow

Petar Acanski designed this bold and bubbly brush typeface inspired by the hip hop culture and graffiti art. To maintain legibility and clarity, Acanski added a few variations to the font. You can download it from the link above.

16. Cute Punk

Cute Punk comes with three different weights. Accents are also available in the font. Depending on how you use it, you can take this and give it a retro spin or a K-Pop, bubblegum vibe.

15. Lena

See those easy curves? That is the mark of a quality font. It’s geometric yet it is soft, it is simple yet makes a statement. It is perfect!

14. Mightype

Taking you to Tuscany’s vineyard (not even sure if they have those) - the way this font curls up at the edges, it just makes you want to hit the download button.

13. Milkshake

Laura Worthington came up with Milkshake. It comes with a lot of bonuses, and 8 alternatives to each character. It is like stealing!

12. Montepetrum

Available in three weights, Montepetrum is a the font sans serif, thin-lin dreams are made of. If Lato, Existence Light or Alcubierre are just not doing the job — trying Montepetrum would not hurt.

11. Rainwood

IanMikraz Studio are behind Rainwood, a handmade brush font which comes with 232 glyph, 52 alternate characters, 2 stylistic alternates, standard ligatures and more!

10. Verona Lotte

This hand-lettered, brush font is the reason why hand-lettered fonts look so beautiful. Zoom and see the inconsistency in letters, it does not look like a fake, made-up-to-look-like-handmade font. The roughness in the letters makes it ten times more elegant.

9. Salvador

With varying thickness, subtle handmade detailing, and the slight curve in each letter makes Salvador a constant favorite.

8. Shellahera

Made with a brush pen, ShellaHera is a beatiful script font with a varying baseline. Lostvoltype also has a full-version of the font available.

7. Wildera

This adorable, little script font comes in uppercase, lowercase and ligatures. The flourishes and the defined kerning makes it a must have font.

6. Joli

Joli is not everybody’s come of tea. This sky-scraper like structure of the font makes it a unique choice. It is extremely current and stylish. One can do wonders with it.

5. Kano

The unique think about Kano is the geometric edges. Rather than looking serious and straightforward, Kano has a quirky feel to it. Full marks for innovation!

4. Kirvy

This sans serif font family comes with four weights. It is straight and geometric with round, softer edges. Works perfect no matter what the scale is.

3. Selima

Another brush script typeface. It comes with rough edges which makes the lettering look super authentic. It’s a bit on the bold side, still it manages to maintain the elegant and delicate look.

2. Reckless

Reckless is a brush sans serif typeface. This straight, slightly italic font is heavily textured. thank Nadi Spasibenko is the designer behind this font.

1. Synthesia

Synthesia (or FloGreen as it shows up in the library) is a narrow looking sans serif font with rounded edges. It has a touch of vintage vibe and can be used a number of ways.

If you have downloaded these fonts and are looking for inspiration to use them — you can further read here.


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